Friday, September 20, 2013

Family Comes First!

We truly had an unforgettable 40th celebration.
We decided that we would love to celebrate it with our children.
We had never celebrated anniversaries together previously and now was a good time.
We planned a  day of adventure with our bikes at Stanley Park.
Everyone agreed that this would be a perfect outing.
It was a  little hair raising for us country folks who needed to discover
'cycling etiquette' in downtown Vancouver.
We started our bike trip in a heavy misty fog.
I was hoping it would lift because we had plans for the evening.

Why Stanley Park?
Well that's exactly where we got engaged on May 11, 1973.
And sure enough John found the exact tree as he took some time
to discover his surroundings and find his bearings,
 but then he pointed.....
"That's the tree"...and there we enjoyed a few moments together.

They, without hesitation knew this would be a blog worthy photo.
(just for mom)
 As the day progressed, we stopped for a lunch break...
Only to find out that I had a flat tire....
I was ready to call a taxi.... hop on a BCAA!!
(roadside assistance)
but Christopher came to the rescue.
He is an expert in cycling, but forgot his bike pump.
Meanwhile Mikki..the youngest flung out her high tech bike pump,
that you could scarcely see.
Suzanne quickly pulled out her spare tube...
meanwhile Christopher had my bike tire off in 10 seconds,
while I gazed in shock.
I almost began to panic...because we had a 4:30 deadline
and we had less than an hour to get back, wash, change and shower.
Did you say three minutes to change that flat tire?
I think I need my kids more than they need me.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Jeremy took a break during this time.
Go Figure!!
He fixes computers, not bikes. 

By 4:30 pm we had all showered, changed and were ready to go again.
This was our anniversary and why not enjoy it with style?
We were greeted at the door, with a limousine.
Yes, this truly was our Day!
The kids agreed,
"This was Mom & Dad's Style for tonight"
But I can tell you, they all enjoyed a bit of pampering.

I could hear those beautiful daughters identifying  with love and romance
as we  rode the Grouse Gondola up to "The Observatory'
Above the misty fog, the sunny blue skies opened to greet us.

We were treated to a stunning view and  presentation of fine dining in the 'Observatory.'

The sun was setting...while we enjoyed an evening with our adult children,
blown away by the most intimate setting we could ever of imagined.

Thank you Family for all your input in making this so weekend so special.


  1. What a great family celebration! Happy Anniversary and best wishes for many more.

  2. Aw, he found the exact tree where he proposed 40 years ago? Sweet. The whole day sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate your 40th anniversary!

  3. Wonderful Marg - romance, nostalgia, family, bicycles, and pampering - nothing got missed in your day of celebration.

  4. Now that was most special...a perfect way to spend your 40th! I love that you found the proposal tree in Stanley Park. Enjoy the memories!

  5. Congratulations on forty years! Your celebration looked fun and how nice to share it with your kids!

  6. I love that your kids made it a perfect day for you! I know how much that means!

  7. Truly celebrating in style! Congratulations to all of you!

  8. This is great Marg!!! So sweet that your grown kids shared this day with you. Love that you smooched under the tree too. The sunset photo is breathtaking!

  9. That is just beautiful Marg! You have such a beautiful family! Praising God for your healthy and God honouring marriage!

  10. Thanks for such a nice 'view' into your special weekend. You have a beautiful filled with love and support. Keep cheering each other on and I know there are many more celebrations yet to come.


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