Thursday, August 22, 2013

What's Summer Without Water Slides?

Can an Oma really still take her boys to the waterslides?
Yes, she can, but not without her wallet.  

The boys will remember that Oma ran out of money at the waterslides.
We had to wait in a long line up,
 again, as Opa made the long trek to come and rescue her.

I thought that I would read a book and catch some sun!
But their was no quiet time.
"Please, the Black Hole...just for me!"


  1. go Oma! I can imagine the fun you had with no quiet moments to sit and read...after all they did not bring you along to watch all the fun they know you're a gamer.

  2. Marg.. that middle slide there, that one looks okay.. but there are some things I draw the line at. This Grammy does not have to do everything! Never have, never will! =)
    I hope your boys know how lucky they are!

  3. Those are some great slides. Glad you are so young at heart!!

  4. Oh my - what fun! Glad Grandpa came through with the money ;). I love your sense of humour and youthfulness!

  5. What a beautiful view the water slides provide. Looks like a fun day! (You can read your book later!)

  6. I just love how you two work and I love how you are an Oma.

  7. And if Opa hadn't come to your rescue...I would have brought you the funds you needed! :) Glad it all worked out for you...and you had a 'splashing good time' at the water slides.


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