Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's Summer Time ~ Let's Go Swinging!

You've all seen this swing splashed through our new Celebrations Book.
Let me tell you how it came about.
Last summer, I wanted a swing....a real swing,
one that reminded me of the days when I was young.
Not plastic, not metal, not binder twine,
and not that yellow polypropylene rope,
but a real authentic natural looking swing with  'rustic rope"
We searched Manilla rope was available in town.
I kept insisting...the kind of rope that we had tug of wars with....
the kind of rope that we made calf halters with..
"We're out of luck!" says my husband.

Then one day I went to Minter's Garden Shop!
As I was browsing through, I saw this swing hanging from the ceiling.
That's exactly the swing I want.
I ran home, found my man...and brought him in...
and he said,
"I can make it for that price!!"
"But we can't find the rope," I responded.
He looked at me and smiled....
"You really want this don't you?"
The rest was history.
We are the proud owners of a swing from the
Rosedale Swing Company 

 Myka was more than surprised to see her swing splashed throughout the cookbook.
She quickly made contact with us.
She wanted to know how she could support our cause.
This is a family owned business.
Kathy and I planned a visit to meet her at her shop in Rosedale.
What a pleasant visit and what a pleasant surprise.
She was more than eager to share her story with us.
This is the only business in Canada that sells vintage swings.

She toured us through her tiny wood working shop, showing us her collection of  cedar wood,
her Manilla ropes in many different lengths,
her various designs which you can find on her website.
More than anything, she loves to customize her swings.
You name it, she can do it.
In this photo she demonstrates her splicing techniques.

Myka was one enthusiastic, motivated person with passion.
Kathy and I knew without any hesitation, that  she would be a great sponsor for
our MGCC project in feeding hungry children in the Ukraine.

How do you like to go up in a swing,
Up in the air so blue?
Robert Louis Stevenson
There is nothing like an old fashioned roped tied to a tree branch.
and kids hollering....

" Oma, give me an under-duck!"
I'm keeping this one in mind...I love it.

Maybe this is just the 'perfect gift' for that special someone in your life.

Thank you Rosedale Swing Company for your generous support.
You can find Rosedale Swing Company as one of our sponsors on our MGCC sidebar.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing Marg!! We are very glad you are enjoying your swing.

  2. How wonderful. I think I'll need to buy a swing for a certain someone's property...

  3. What a great post Marg - a trip down memory lane. And the Robert Louis Stevenson poem is a favourite of mine. I've always loved to swing.

  4. Marg - I am a former Chilliwack resident, now living in the US. I recently started following your MGCC blog for your GF recipes - not once thinking you were connected to Chilliwack! Then, imagine my complete surprise to find out you now know Myka - a very good friend of mine from my Chilliwack days!! I enjoy your blog and you all feel like friends now that I know you come from my former area AND you're friends of a friend. All the best to you all!

    1. Hi Laurie,
      Thanks for your sharing your connection. The Van der Waal's that I am familiar are the Rick Van der Waal's. I believe he was a vet in the Sumas flats. Any connections?


  5. I love your blog and the message you bring!
    The swing story is especially close to my heart. We received a Rosedale Swing Co swing for our 25th anniversary. We never realized then what a timeless gift we received! It is used by 'kids' of all ages and has become the setting of many photo sessions and the favorite activity during family gatherings. For me personally, the swing is my quiet place where I swing slowly as I sip my morning coffee!

  6. I am definitely going to make time to visit this place the next time I am in your neck of the woods. What a gorgeous swing! I am very good at giving under ducks, and would be very happy if the swing was in our own yard!

  7. That swing is timeless and now I want one, too! It seems like people are so connected now days and that someone knows someone that we know. It is a small world!

  8. I love the swing, Marg...and am glad you shared the story behind it. How nice to have Myka joining us in our cause.

  9. Thank you for sharing the story behind the swing!
    I love the one with the inscription, "higher, Opa, higher" ...
    We have three kinds of swings in our backyard.. it all started with a baby swing when our oldest was about nine months and progressed from there...
    but I don't think my H ever found the real kind of rope either.
    One of our grands got confused and would say, give me an under-goose!

  10. A delightful story, Marg! There is nothing like an 'authentic' swing to take me back to the joys of my childhood.
    I could never count the hours I spent on the swing my dad made (just like yours) -- the pumping to get up high, the underducking, the jumping off at a high swing point. I'll have to come try out your swing -- with my eyes closed and revisit my childhood memories!

  11. I LOVE your blog post & the swing memories shared by you fans, Marg. Thank you for sharing our story with your readers. Your story and your readers comments reflect back to why this cottage business started. Like you, I also went searching for a 'real vintage - traditional (and organic) swing' to replace the one my father built years ago. I could not find what I envisioned, so here I am building what you all love! Who doesn't love to swing? Imagine meeting this way again Laurie? Enjoy your MGCC cook book! It's my number one go to cookbook too. And Anneliese, I got a chuckle about the 'under-goose'. So cute.

  12. Love this and all the stories.

  13. It was such a fun morning meeting Myka and hearing about their business. So delighted to have them as our sponsors on the blog.

  14. I certainly have ideas for these swings. I think they are so beautiful and I'm so happy you could meet with Myka and have her join our sponsors to help children.


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