Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer Time ~ Alien's Garden Comes Alive!

He finds all sorts of things in my compost pile.
Peels from the apples, but he decided they did not taste so good.

Ah...yes, let's sit down and read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Off to the 'alien garden' we go... what will they discover today?

 The sunflowers continuously greet us and smile on us.

Oh...I wonder what that is?
We carried it hopes of a watermelon?
Only to find out it was a pumpkin.

And of course,
one can't get through the 'alien garden' without getting hung up!


  1. Love the vibrant colors of summer you captured here, Marg! Ouch on that barbed wire!

  2. How exciting to have an Alien's Garden - every boy's dream!!! Is that a second crop of corn?

  3. Gardens always hold fun surprises and I'm sure an alien garden tops them all! I'll bet your grandsons love exploring them!

  4. Hee hee...such fun! Planing another visit later on to pick orange

  5. You have to tell us more about the alien garden. having to crawl under a barb wire fence must make it possible for only the elite visitors.

  6. Every boy needs an alien garden and an Oma who makes everything seem like such fun!

  7. Alien garden? Is it a place for alien plants or was it planted by aliens?

    How well I remember barbed wire catching my clothes as I crawled through or under the fence. :)

  8. Now that brings back memories...of getting caught up on barbed wire fences! We never had alien gardens back in those days though...just cows that could be quite 'alien' at times. I think I need to come check out that alien garden sometime..not quite sure what to expect over there.


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