Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's Summer Time ~ Harvest Time

Summer is not complete with out a harvest of wheat.
Next week the Atchelitz Threshermen's Association will be harvesting
our wheat at the Chilliwack Fair.
Guess where you'll find me hiding out.
There was plenty of help as the 'grands' eagerly 'pitched' in
or did they rather enjoy watching the rest of the gang work.
Silas was content to sit and watch, 
while Levi was most happy using his 'electronic app' to count the sheaves.
The harvest is now complete.

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."


  1. That's a hard days work for sure!

  2. I've enjoyed driving by your place seeing the progress. Those boys are learning a lot there on the farm.

  3. I'll be at the ATA next weekend, maybe I'll see them threshing. irene

  4. How wonderful to see that old binder working and making those sheaves! An amazing experience for those cute grandboys of yours. What a great festival that must be!
    Our harvest hasn't quite started here as yet (it's been extremely wet but the crops look pretty good). Soon we'll see the sheaves formed into beautiful "stooks" around here - the Amish still do it this way. I'll be out with my camera for sure....Enjoy the festival!

  5. Those little boys will never forget watching on these summer afternoons - wonderful memory bank deposits!

  6. The harvest time means fall is right around the corner-I can't believe how quickly the summer has flown by. Your photos remind me of our farm as I was growing up. Good memories (and smells)!

  7. Great photos of the harvest.. alao a thought provoking quote. The harvest will never come if you do not sow.


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