Monday, August 12, 2013

It's Summer Time ~ Delightment in Fruits

Can one go through a summer season without transparents?
It's fun to have friends who bring you apples.
An apple peeler and pie by the yard in the freezer. It goes quick.
Coffee is on!

This is our favorite...Apple Rolls by Betty.
Check it out on page 38 in the first book.
Ah...fresh blueberries...made up into Blueberry Scones by Anneliese.
A summer time favorite around here for breakfast or dessert.
Page 39 in Book #1.

I can enjoy the fruits of the season.


  1. We went to a roadside market on the weekend and stocked up but I'll have to go again. We ate so much that there isn't enough left to put by. It's all so good at this time of year!

  2. I am baking the Quick Blueberry Streusel (Platz) from MGCC right now to take along on our camping trip. Looking forward to having it for our 3 o'clock coffee break this afternoon. Wishing you a great day, Hilda

  3. You took some good advantage of your fruit!

  4. Good job on the apple rolls, Marg. They are a favorite here too!

  5. There's nothing like fresh BC fruit in the summertime. We stopped to buy fruit in a supermarket in Vermont tonight...and I was delighted to find Driediger Farms blueberries. Who would have thought?

  6. There is just something extra wonderful about summer fruit, eaten fresh or baked or frozen to bring the summer back on a dark winter day!
    Love it!

  7. Oh Marg - that all looks so yummy. I should try some of these recipes instead of just making applesauce with my transparents! You've inspired me...thanks so much once again.


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