Monday, August 26, 2013

It's Summer Time ~ Watching Dennis the Menace with Opa!!!

Summer is nearing it's end...and soon they will be back in school.
Nothing is better than sitting outside on a hot summer night,
watching their Opa's favorite movie....
"Dennis the Menace"

Thursday, August 22, 2013

What's Summer Without Water Slides?

Can an Oma really still take her boys to the waterslides?
Yes, she can, but not without her wallet.  

The boys will remember that Oma ran out of money at the waterslides.
We had to wait in a long line up,
 again, as Opa made the long trek to come and rescue her.

I thought that I would read a book and catch some sun!
But their was no quiet time.
"Please, the Black Hole...just for me!"

Monday, August 19, 2013

It's Summer Time ~ Who's Tardis?

I looked out my discover Tardis.
Summer is about fantasy, and stories that bring wonder
and exploration into these young boys minds.
Summer is all about an Opa who loves to make
and create things with them in his shop.

You may need to Google Tardis/Doctor Who!

"Oma, it's for REAL!!!!!"

At the end of this day their Father arrived  looking for his sons...
after all, I had just received an urgent text to
 'have the boys ready!!!'
And the young boys are discovered, 
as there father finds them in their make belief world.

Only on this day, they were not impressed about leaving Tardis behind,
They left with faces of disapproval as they reluctantly changed into their Taekwondo uniforms.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer Time ~ Alien's Garden Comes Alive!

He finds all sorts of things in my compost pile.
Peels from the apples, but he decided they did not taste so good.

Ah...yes, let's sit down and read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Off to the 'alien garden' we go... what will they discover today?

 The sunflowers continuously greet us and smile on us.

Oh...I wonder what that is?
We carried it hopes of a watermelon?
Only to find out it was a pumpkin.

And of course,
one can't get through the 'alien garden' without getting hung up!

Monday, August 12, 2013

It's Summer Time ~ Delightment in Fruits

Can one go through a summer season without transparents?
It's fun to have friends who bring you apples.
An apple peeler and pie by the yard in the freezer. It goes quick.
Coffee is on!

This is our favorite...Apple Rolls by Betty.
Check it out on page 38 in the first book.
Ah...fresh blueberries...made up into Blueberry Scones by Anneliese.
A summer time favorite around here for breakfast or dessert.
Page 39 in Book #1.

I can enjoy the fruits of the season.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's Summer Time ~ Let's Go Swinging!

You've all seen this swing splashed through our new Celebrations Book.
Let me tell you how it came about.
Last summer, I wanted a swing....a real swing,
one that reminded me of the days when I was young.
Not plastic, not metal, not binder twine,
and not that yellow polypropylene rope,
but a real authentic natural looking swing with  'rustic rope"
We searched Manilla rope was available in town.
I kept insisting...the kind of rope that we had tug of wars with....
the kind of rope that we made calf halters with..
"We're out of luck!" says my husband.

Then one day I went to Minter's Garden Shop!
As I was browsing through, I saw this swing hanging from the ceiling.
That's exactly the swing I want.
I ran home, found my man...and brought him in...
and he said,
"I can make it for that price!!"
"But we can't find the rope," I responded.
He looked at me and smiled....
"You really want this don't you?"
The rest was history.
We are the proud owners of a swing from the
Rosedale Swing Company 

 Myka was more than surprised to see her swing splashed throughout the cookbook.
She quickly made contact with us.
She wanted to know how she could support our cause.
This is a family owned business.
Kathy and I planned a visit to meet her at her shop in Rosedale.
What a pleasant visit and what a pleasant surprise.
She was more than eager to share her story with us.
This is the only business in Canada that sells vintage swings.

She toured us through her tiny wood working shop, showing us her collection of  cedar wood,
her Manilla ropes in many different lengths,
her various designs which you can find on her website.
More than anything, she loves to customize her swings.
You name it, she can do it.
In this photo she demonstrates her splicing techniques.

Myka was one enthusiastic, motivated person with passion.
Kathy and I knew without any hesitation, that  she would be a great sponsor for
our MGCC project in feeding hungry children in the Ukraine.

How do you like to go up in a swing,
Up in the air so blue?
Robert Louis Stevenson
There is nothing like an old fashioned roped tied to a tree branch.
and kids hollering....

" Oma, give me an under-duck!"
I'm keeping this one in mind...I love it.

Maybe this is just the 'perfect gift' for that special someone in your life.

Thank you Rosedale Swing Company for your generous support.
You can find Rosedale Swing Company as one of our sponsors on our MGCC sidebar.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's Summer Time ~ Harvest Time

Summer is not complete with out a harvest of wheat.
Next week the Atchelitz Threshermen's Association will be harvesting
our wheat at the Chilliwack Fair.
Guess where you'll find me hiding out.
There was plenty of help as the 'grands' eagerly 'pitched' in
or did they rather enjoy watching the rest of the gang work.
Silas was content to sit and watch, 
while Levi was most happy using his 'electronic app' to count the sheaves.
The harvest is now complete.

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."