Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Heading East!

And we're off again.
This time our MGCC girls are flying out to Manitoba
to join the other gals, Betty and Char.
We're getting on that plane and leaving the men to fend for themselves.
Julie and Anneliese will be running the show back home.

We've got book signings back to back.
No time for cooking or playing.
You will find us at these locations.


back home on the farm
the work continues. 
 The farmers are strategically discussing the plans for corn planting.
After hours of discussion the work begins.

This new fancy plow from Holland came just in time.
The 10 acres are now plowed and it should be seeded by the time
I get home....
Good old Chilliwack Corn.

 So what do you notice?
The nails or the raspberries?
I hope both....
When you love the's hard for this girl to keep her nails clean.
This is a rare occasion for this girl to have a manicure.
So today I was restricted from gardening and cutting lawns.
And guess what?
The garden is watered, shrubs dug out....

 potatoes hilled,

and lawns are cut.
Guess who lifted and emptied the bags for me
just so the nails would stay clean?
I gave those nails a true test drive and they survived.

I wonder how many of the women prepared meals for their husbands?
That's a true test of loyalty, don't you think?
I just defrosted my freezer this there's plenty.
Secondly, he does not like it if I prepare his meals,
then he feels guilty going out.
See you all next week.

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  1. Your nails are gorgeous!!! What a fun post Marg. Hope your signings went well tonight and that you had a lot of fun doing it!! Thinking of you all.

  2. Enjoy your weekend! Keep your hands clean :)

  3. A Dutch plow! New idea to me...quite sculptural, like modern art!
    Gardening and nice nails reportedly are possible if one wears gloves while gardening. For some reason I may start with gloves but they never stay on for very long.
    Hope your hubby gets to enjoy a few restaurant meals that are tasty and perhaps a couple that are so-so, just so he will recall that the really good eats come from your hands!

  4. love it, Marg! I bought one frozen box of enchiladas for Dear and he'll fend well for himself while I'm away...
    Beautiful plow and raspberries!

  5. It looks like you had everything in ship-shape before you left home...including the nails. Now...if things would just stay picture perfect all the time! It sounds like our hubbies had the chance to go out for supper together on Saturday night. I think it was a fun time all around!

  6. Seeding, yard work, meals and clean nails. It all takes work to keep them up....but there is always room for fun time around your place too.

  7. Have a fun time with your book signing. I have been working in my yard and my nails do not look so nice. It is hard to do yard work and have nice nails.


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