Friday, June 21, 2013

Fashion Trends Back East!

I've always been fascinated with fashion trends of all sorts.
Today I'm going to give you a run down of some of the latest trends
 I observed while on our book signing tour in Manitoba.
Can you identify with any of these?
I hope you can smile along and enjoy some humor.

Is this La Senza?
Can you believe  that these undergarments were worn by our grandmothers?
They are made of cotton eyelet, from nighties, to slips to camisoles.
I'm sure you'd pay a fortune for these today.

Would you dare to lie down on some else's kitchen island?
Seems like that's the current trend in Steinbach.

Even a few sports moves.
Amy, here demonstrates volleyball spike, while I tried to demonstrate a foul shot.
Manitoba is known for trending tall girls.

What happens when the hostess takes us to her husbands shop?
Check the sign behind her head.

It's all in a man's world right in Steinbach.
 'the quote of the day'
I wonder what the story is behind that?

I thought Mennonites didn't drink.
These cases were carted right through the  Mennonite museum.
Can you believe that?
(it was for a wedding...I wonder if they were Mennonites?)

Marketing food presentation was strong.
Our desserts came in a jar, with spoons and granola attached.
They were referred to as
'For busy Mennonite women on the run.'

Did you all know that the maxi skirts are making a comeback?
Just this past week I heard about the maxi fashions on our local CTV news station.
These women are truly observing the most current modest trends.

Ah, yes...we have all seen these aprons being worn.
I loved them so much that I bought one for myself,
so that I could keep my 'original one' for Sunday's.

These little girls made my day...
There mother had made them new dresses for this special occasion.
After all, they were meeting the   'Mennonite Girls Can Cook'.
Thank you girls for being part of preserving our heritage.

A typical window dress.
Simple, and inviting.
Cotton, with thick red seam binding trim.

Pantries filled with preserves.
Yes, cooking and canning was evident.
Did we not learn that from our grandmothers years ago?
I think someone will be filling those empty jars this summer. 

I'm familiar with 'Moen' faucets.
I had to share this bathroom with three other women.
They wondered why it took me so long.
I felt somewhat 'daft'.
This was something new...I had to play with it.
How was I suppose to brush my teeth with water gushing over my face?

Check out this lighting fixture.
A bit of vintage or what?
It was stunning., not metal bars like in the old days.
Cedar planks locked together.
Now that's a 'Pinterest Idea' 

There was no lack of food anywhere.
There were obviously no changes in the food industry.
I'm not sure if this Mennonite lady is trying to start a new trend?
Her name badge seems to be falling off.
(Really why didn't any one tell me?)

So much for fashion trends that I observed back east.
You never know which fashion trends you may be forecasting shortly.


  1. Maybe the beverages being carted through the museum are for the tourists! haha Great pictures and a fun post.

  2. Marg, You are refreshment to my soul...

  3. AnonymousJune 21, 2013 it! Lots of fun.....Winks

  4. Mennonites don't drink? That is news to me...darn...guess there goes my Mennonite heritage HEE HEE HEE

  5. Very Fun! The best recap of our time in the peg!

  6. haha! You have this down-easterner laughing - but really - Manitoba? Down east?? When Roger and I went to school at Providence, we told everyone we were going out West :)

    I've never seen such a faucet - I have to go look it up online.

    Thanks for the entertainment!

  7. Love the fact that the maxi skirts are coming back into fashion. I think they're kind of graceful, and fun, even if not totally practical for a lot of things. Besides, my sister-in-law used to hate them, which is reason enough for me to buy one!! Oh dear, did I really say that? :0)

  8. What a hoot Marg!! I love how you documented the "trends" and especially the small print - you are too funny and a ray of sunshine! That picture of the geranium in the window is simply beautiful!

  9. You make me laugh out loud.....this was THE BEST! Thanks for being you...and letting me be me:)

  10. I think I better watch what I put on my feet! I'm laughing here.

    We now have our book signing tour to Manitoba well documented...from many perspectives.

  11. AnonymousJune 22, 2013

    What a fun read to start my day; I can tell that you had fun with this, Marg! Dairymary

  12. AnonymousJune 22, 2013

    Perhaps if I wouldn't have recognized a pair of those feet, I may have laughed along with the rest of you. Sadly, I am not, but feel judged and ridiculed.

  13. Looks like a fun day going back to the past. It is good that people are keeping traditions alive. My mother was also a food canner and what I wouldn't give for some of her bottled peaches!


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