Thursday, June 13, 2013

Boissevain: A Small Community with a Big Heart!

 The book signings were completed in Winnipeg and Steinbach.
We had a wonderful time and you can catch all the news by reading
Lovella's Judy's and Kathy's accounts.
Char and Betty, our Manitoba sisters made this a truly memorable event.

I added a few extra days after our book signings.
I wanted to meet some of my favorite cousins from Manitoba.
My only sister, Sheryl, flew in from Abbotsford to meet me.
We were excited about this opportunity.
Our destination was Boissevain, a small rural community of 1500 people.
 We were going to experience a mini cousin reunion.
But before I could get my head around things...I realized,
my cousins had been arranging an impromptu book signing.
The following morning the breakfast table was prepared
and Em read the devotional from Jesus Today, by Sarah Young.
Meaningful times were held around the kitchen table.
Then we sped off.

The book signing was arranged in a small quaint local coffee shop, "Sawmill" "The Sawmill is supported directly by community donations and purchases. All proceeds are utilized to further the work of Prairie Partners Inc. and its programs. Sawmill acts as a gathering place for the community, provides a place where youth, young families, seniors, and everyone else, can feel at home. Sawmill brings in various events to enrich the life of the community, employs both local youth and community members living with disabilities, and seeks to be a place where further opportunities for the community are created."

We arrived on time and began to decorate the table with my aprons.
Cousins and friends prepared, my signature Hazelnut Roll,
Betty's Apple Rolls, rhubarb platz and lemon buns.
It was delightful to see these farm/country women come together.

Young and old came by.
They chatted about there favorite recipes.
They asked me to share about the royalties of both books,
 our Ukraine Project and the WASH Project.
They loved to play the Menno Game.
They loved the aprons.

They were generous as many purchased extra books for family members.
We looked up recipes on the Ipad.

Yes, there was one young man who enjoyed the fresh Mennonite baking.

The major supporters were my family.
Heather, my niece; Sheryl my sister;
Aunt Martha the mother to Em and Mic, my cousins.
We all grew up together in our early years in the Fraser Valley.
Thank you family so much for making our trip so worthwhile.
We left Boissevain in a cloud of dust to make our next flight connections back to Abbotsford.
Meanwhile I felt like Boissevain blessed us with there genuine generosity.
 We will remember this small community with it's big heart.
You've helped us reach out to those in poverty.


  1. That is so great Marg! You did a great job soloing it here.

  2. AnonymousJune 13, 2013

    Marg, that is a heartwarming story! Dairymary

  3. What a sweet community-- and that coffee shop looks just the thing for me~

  4. I love this post! So glad your trip went well. And I love the photos of the grain elevators along the highway. When I was a child, we'd drive through Alberta on our way to visit my grandparents. I loved watching the elevators appear on the horizon and get larger and larger, until I could read the name of the town on the side. One of my dad's cousins ran the Pool elevator in Ohaton, Alberta, for many years, and his wife worked for the local post office. It's sad that so many places have lost their grain elevators now. They are/were a very big part of life growing up on the prairie.

  5. What a neat time you had with those ladies. I always appreciate how the folks in small communities come together. Sounds like going solo was a treasured time.

  6. How special to be honored in this way by your extended family! It looks like a great time. Glad your sister could come out too!

  7. Gwen MartensJune 24, 2013

    Thanks so much for visiting Boissevain - it was a pleasure to meet you and Sheryl and to be able to see the new book. The young man enjoying the treats is the Executive Director of "Prarie Partners". They have 4 or 5 client residences, a daily workshop program plus the tea and coffee company -The Sawmill- to serve their clients from SW Manitoba.A great addition to our community.


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