Thursday, June 27, 2013

Alaska Bound!

Last year we had many celebrations in our own back yard.
This year there are more celebrations to come.
And some of these events will have destinations in mind.
We are celebrating 40 years of marriage.
I remember my parents 40th anniversary and I remember thinking how old they were.
We planned a church event for them...those were the expectations.
We also want to celebrate this time with family and friends,
but it will look different.
Forty years is a long time, but thankful for the journey.
We are headed for Alaska!

During this time we will surely be celebrating July 1,  Canada Day!

And then of course July 4, Independence Day.
I'm sure we will witness a few fireworks on this cruise.

May you all enjoy the up-coming holidays
and I know the sun is arriving shortly.


  1. I know you will have fun cruising! Happy 40th Anniversary to you both, you are an amazing couple! Wishing you many more wonderful years as you cruise into the 'sunset years'. :)

  2. Happy 40th to you-- we will be celebrating our 40th in July also!

  3. Inland passage cruise or ???
    Alaska cruises are great! Enjoy and take lots of pictures...
    And congrats on 40 years together!

  4. Wow! Happy 40 years together! I think Alaska is a great place to celebrate.

  5. Have a WONDERFUL time!!!

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  7. We are going next year on Celebrity...for my birthday...can't wait.

  8. Oh Marg - enjoy, enjoy! Happy 40th and may there be plenty of fireworks on this voyage!!! By the way - aren't you glad we aren't as old as our parents were on their 40th anniversarys?

  9. Marg, I hope you are having an amazing time! We have a couple here in our complex who have done the Alaskan Cruise 11 times !
    40 years is worth celebrating !!

  10. A very Happy 40th to you and John! What a lovely way to celebrate. Hope you do see lots of fireworks in Alaska on the 4th of July!

  11. Congratulations on 40 years together! What a milestone. Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  12. Congratulations to the two of you! You are just a few months ahead of us, and I love how you've chosen to celebrate. The Alaska trip is one we've always wanted to take.

  13. Have fun, you two! I know you will find something to celebrate every day.


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