Friday, May 24, 2013

Who Likes Math?

Now it's time for Math!
I can still feel the anxiety around the algebra equations.
I am so glad my teacher agreed to give me a Pass for my Gr. 12 transcript.
So we set up three equations and observed their problem solving skills.

The next event took us out to the chicken farm.
There first job was to count the chickens.
That is part of the daily record keeping process.
 First Levi had this daunting facial expression.
He took out his cell phone looking for an app.
Silas was just so happy to pick up one chicken and cuddle it in his hands.
Later their Opa showed him the computer chart with all the statistics.
"Why count chickens if you have a computer?"  says the oldest.
Problem solved! ~ Pass!

Second equation of the day....
It's time to catch chickens.
How long would it take to collect all the chickens in only one barn
if you  picked up two chickens at a time?
There's four barns.
They were not intrigued.
As you can see they both looked totally fagged out.
They lasted half an hour which means they flunked and so did I!
Now I know why I did not like Math.
Last but not least...they preferred to count the cookies on a sheet.
That was easy and simple.
How many cookies on a pile divided by three?
How many cookies in a take-home bag?
This was easy and they were quick to answer as
they devoured their favorite cookies.
Here's Kathi's math lesson for the day -
 divide a cookie in 4 parts and teach fractions as you eat them

That's my kind of Math.
Keep it simple.

I often wonder what will be there favorite subjects.
Now you can decide...Home School ~ Public School?


  1. Cookie math looks like way more fun than chicken math!!

  2. Ooh I like that Cookie Math! I'll be over for a lesson - may need a couple!
    As much fun as home schooling might be, I'd send my children to regular school again, if given the choice.

  3. I loved your post, Marg!
    I loved Math in school... but I think your practical math is great!
    Math involving boys and cookies can be nothing but enjoyable... if the answer doesn't come out right just eat cookies until it does ! smile..

  4. Home school looks like fun . . . except for the chicken catching part. Count me out for that too! Where do you get those take home bags with the windows in them?

  5. Making cookies for math sounds like a fun idea! I think my students might like math a lot more if I did!

  6. Homeschool! And if you want homeschool writing, you can have me as a teacher :) Cookie math would be my favorite.

  7. I'd take cookie math over chicken-catching math anytime! I actually quite liked math during my school years. Your kind of home school looks like fun...though I don't think I could have ever home-schooled my kids.

  8. I agree with Pondside. I'd send my daughter to public school again without hesitation. For one thing, the world is so large and so complex that it would be very hard if not impossible for me to teach all the subjects my kids would need in a home school setting. I might be able to handle the math (I have a math degree) and maybe the literature (because I've always been a voracious reader), but though I speak some French I'm certainly not qualified to teach it, nor would I feel comfortable trying to teach the children chemistry or physics. So in spite of the problems, it would be off to public school we go. And if I wanted to be involved, I could always be a volunteer again.


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