Tuesday, May 7, 2013


 By now you've had read many different versions of our book launch.
My Front Porch, What Matters Most, Memories And Moments,
Mennonite Girls Can Cook
Please take the time to read and enjoy the written accounts of this past weekend.
We are so pleased how our heavenly Father took care of so many details.
The weather being number one!
We are so thankful to Lepp Farms, House of James, and Winks.
They rolled out the red carpet for all of us, far beyond what we expected.
The turn out of guests was steady and we appreciated
the efforts made by many special family and friends.

 We had the privilege of hosting Betty and John.
The color purple was evident from every corner of our yard. 

Did I say purple? 

So you may wonder how some of us Mennonite girls may unwind?
First we had a 100 yard dash with Judy leaping ahead in long strides.

Secondly we lined up...to see who could win the book race...

Can you tell that this gal has had enough of media and attention?
It was finally time to head home..

My husband drove us through the country roads.... the Sumas flats,
the place where I enjoyed my early years.
We made some quick stops as Betty & I needed fresh air.
We needed country. We needed wide open spaces.

What are these plants growing in these vented plastic rows?

We drove further...
We took off our shoes..stepped in the fresh soil.
Picked up fresh soil in our hands and let dirt squish between our fingers.

The smiles on Betty's face let me know that she was unwinding.

From freshly tilled soil, to quiet country roads,
one last dash to enjoy a sunset,
our denim jackets wrapped around us,
 chatting into the wee hours of things that mattered most.

Betty and John left today...
I will miss those early morning coffees.

I needed one more unwind....
I grabbed my tractor and started cutting lawns...
feeling the fresh warm breezes on my face,

dreaming of mowing hundreds of acres in straight rows.
 But down the road someone else was unwinding.
We sat on Judy's Front Porch reminiscing and debriefing
about the wonderful weekend, sipping on our favorite drink,
Fresca with frozen raspberries.
That just gives you a glimpse of how some of us unwind
after a three day book launch.

Others are unwinding back east.


  1. I like the way you unwind, Marg! We have a little tractor but I've never tried it out.
    I watched the Canada AM segment - brilliant!

  2. We had a great unwind yesterday...you and I. Lovella and Anneliese won't be unwinding for a few days yet. They were awesome this morning!

  3. I too love the way you unwind Marg! I heard it was your idea to do the MGCC RACE - so funny! It's always good to be "Home Again" and to unwind and especially after such an amazing, successful, and exciting launch weekend!!! I'll be seeing Lovella and Anneliese in approx. 2 1/2 hours (but who's counting). I'm giddy and can't wait to get my book signed.....
    Happy unwinding and again - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  4. I feel a little jealous that I'm not close enough to be a part of all your fun. Good luck with the new cookbook!


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