Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Home School?

We've had fun planning a long weekend together with the boys.
After spending the day with them, I realized we had many good oppportunities for learning.
I always wanted to become a teacher...now was my chance.
Am I  now contemplating why I did not consider home schooling?
I rummaged through my old report cards and found some relative subjects.

Each boy developed his own binder in sections, which were divided into their favorite topics which included movies, books, computer games, music
It did not take long before they wanted to write stories.
Those are stories of true confessions.
There were many laughs from this Oma.
If only their father knew.
Then they added a section called,
"All about Me!"
We found photos of the boys, printed them and they placed them into plastic sleeves.
By now the boys were all over my office finding all sorts of craft ideas
to make their own binders/scrapbooks.
Together they sat on the floor, cut, glued and pasted as they worked in their scrapbooks.

Here's a first...Learning to make noodles...mixing the dough and working with texture.

He proudly displays his long thin noodle sheets that needed to cram
through the noodle machine once more...
How will the noodles dry?
He remembered building a noodle rack with his Opa at Christmas.

 The noodles dried and they have been cooked and eaten.

Baking Peanut Butter Cookies by
using the technique of rolling dough in his hands, greased with butter.

 Silas was learning to make an imprint on the cookies.
He learned that using flour makes life less sticky.

 Fresh home-made peanut butter cookies.

Recess meant playing 'Hide n Seek"

They have loved playing that game in the high grass over the past years.

Learning the skills of balancing as they walked along the fence line.
That was my favorite subject in school, but today I flunked.
I opted out to show them the skills of photography.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Flag Etiquette
  1. Where possible, a flag should be taken down every night.
  2. Never store a wet or damp flag; spread it out until dry.
  3. If soiled, a flag may be safely hand washed, using any domestic soap or detergent which does not contain bleach.
  4. If slightly frayed or torn, a flag should be repaired at once. It could save the cost of a new flag. 
  5. When your flag is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, it should be destroyed in a dignified manner. 

It truly was time to take down the tattered flag.
It needed to be replaced.
I am wondering how I will  destroy it in a dignified manner. 
" Oh Canada! We stand on guard for thee."

So at the end of our day, packed with fun filled activities, I said to the boys.
"This is what home schooling is all about."
They totally agreed that this was more fun than sitting in class all day.

When I was telling them about my favorite subjects, I mentioned
 MUSIC...and wouldn't you know it,
the little one pipes out singing.
"This is the best Oma,... ever made in this world."

We've had a great weekend...but wait till I integrate Math into this system.
Math was my worst subject.


  1. I enjoyed this Marg. Your little ones seem to be at the perfect age for settling down and doing tasks. I can imagine you in everyone of those scenes. The relationship you and Opa have with them rings true through each photo.
    The flag? It should not be put in a landfill. We must have not had a very windy winter. I mended it once and it is up again.

  2. Marg - I think you missed your calling as a teacher!!!! What a fabulous day you spent with those sweet little "students" - the best Oma in the world indeed! Waiting to hear how the Math lesson goes ;).

  3. Now that is the best kind of school...home school at Oma's! (I'm not so sure I would have wanted to be homeschooled by my Oma though.) I think your grands will want to go to Oma's school on all their days off!

  4. This post is inspiration for this Nana - thank you, I'll be using that scrap book Idea at the end of June when my Grands come for a few days.

  5. Oma's school looks like a fun place to be! Maybe math will be fun if you teach it as part of baking :)

  6. Adorable post! If you want ideas for home school writing, let me know :)

    1. Yes, I would love some ideas...It's one of my week points...but it's fun to learn along side the boys.

  7. Loved this post on "Homeschooling" from beginning to end. The best kind of school for sure.

  8. This post has me smiling! You are a wonderful teacher! I think grandparents make the best teachers. Here's a math lesson for you - divide a cookie in 4 parts and teach fractions as you eat them :)

  9. That's it - you'll be getting a phone call from their dad, letting you know that the boys want to be home schooled at Oma's! It sounded like the very best kind of day!

  10. Oh, Marg.. you are the best Oma! I just have to smile at how you apply the subjects. Why did you not become a teacher? Such a fun day!


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