Thursday, May 2, 2013

He Wants His Book Signed Too!

I love Wednesdays!
I get to pick up this little one from Teakwondo.
And he loves his one on ones with us.
You can tell by his smirk that he's got his favorite snack.

The sun was shining.
I was counting to 50.
My eyes were closed tight.

He kept running to the back of the field.
He was going to find the best hiding place.

Until suddenly he got stuck in the mud...
And there was no way out, but to rescue him.
We both sacrificed our shoes....where were our boots?
Once we found our way back home....
I quickly checked my iPad
Silas asked, "Why do you always go to your iPad?'
I told him about a busy week occurring and that I needed to stay updated.
So I showed him the original MGCC book.
He looked at me and said, "Can you make me a book?"
Well I knew what that meant.
During our conversation, he told me that he wanted crepes.
So I shared my favorite recipe with him, pg.25.
When he saw the photo, he exclaimed,

"That's why Opa makes the best crepes in the world!"   

 And now he wanted to help his Opa make crepes.
And as you can see...things are happening.
That's why we love sharing our recipes with all of you.

He was delighted when we stacked three crepes on his plate.
I told him that he could come and meet the ladies who wrote these recipes.
He was so excited and could hardly wait.
I know this little boy will be there with his own little book...
waiting in line.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday
House of James, Winks, Lepp Farms.
You will get the chance to pick up your own book 
and have it signed by all ten of us.
Come on out!
We'd love to meet you all.
Age doesn't matter...


  1. Love it all Marg! Your little grand is so cute!

  2. Oh my, you ladies are going to be so busy and have so much fun!! What a wonderful story of the crepe recipe!!! Yes, he will definitely need to have a signed book!!! I would be right there in line too if I could :).

  3. I love this! I'm looking forward to signing his book!

  4. That is so exciting that you have another book out. I love the one I have! Your grandson knows a good thing-his own personal chef at grandma's! Sun times.

  5. I look forward to seeing that sweet face on the weekend!

  6. sweet. He will be the best little fan...there for his Oma! Love the photos Marg.

  7. How fun that your grandson wants to share your excitement. That is true empathy and friendship regardless of the age difference.

  8. Of course he wants it signed!
    Fast forward to the day he shows his new bride the cookbook that his Oma made and shares his story of the day Opa made crepes.


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