Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blessed Are The Mothers!

It's Mother's Day weekend and what better way than to honor my Mother.
She passed away 13 years ago but I treasure the life she shared with me.
I remember when my Mom was so proud of taking her first course.
She had a love for the arts.  She took up calligraphy.
 She loved to scribble poems on scraps of paper.
Later she began to carefully write out poems,
 in her own style using her new skills.
I treasure her file of writings.

Here's a poem she shared with me in my early years of motherhood,
and addressed it to me personally as the "New Little Mother"

To a New Little Mother!!

Blessed are the mothers,
for they are the conservers of the human race.
Blessed are the mothers of the world,
for they have conserved the spiritual things of life for the sake of the children.
Blessed are the mothers of the earth,
for they have combined the practical and the spiritual into one 
workable way of human life.
They have 
~ darned little stockings,
~ mended little dresses and jeans,
~ washed little hands and faces,
~ and have pointed little eyes to the stars,
~ and little souls to eternal things.
Blessed are the Mothers!
William L. Stidger 

"Thank you Lord for their dedication and love.

from Mom"

I now realized that this poem was my Mom's prayer for me.

But today I would love to extend this poem to all Mother's,
whether single, divorced, married, separated, or widowed....whatever circumstance.
 Many of our Mother's knew the things we would endure.

There is only one way to make a return to our Mother's  and that is to turn our attention
to loving and nurturing the next generation, our children, and our grandchildren.

May you feel a special blessing today!


  1. What wonderful things your mom wrote for you to cherish and pass on. Happy Mother's Day!

  2. You have a beautiful inheritance from your mother, Marg. What a lovely thing to hand down to your daughters.

  3. Such a beautiful poem/prayer. Nothing can replace the prayers of a mother for her beloved children! Nurturing the next generation is a wonderful way to honour our moms! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day Marg.

  4. Our mothers become more perfect and more precious as the years pass. We are lucky to have their influence in our lives.


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