Monday, April 15, 2013

The Book Is In His Hands!

We've been waiting for the Day, April 12, 2013
in the afternoon at Lovella's.
And it arrived shortly after we all arrived.

The truck was to be arriving....
What time?
We waiting patiently...until you heard the motor purring in the background.

Six boxes....waiting to be opened.
Who would start first?
"Quickly get the knife."
" Oh, be careful not to cut into the books."
You could feel the buzz in the room.

The table was set, the bubbles were cooled.
We celebrated...
The books had arrived.

Lovella was busy face booking, getting the word out.
We then learned about "Hangouts" (face-time/skype)
And we hung out live with all the MGCC gals, for the rest of the afternoon.
except for  Kathy who was enjoying the pools in Palm Springs,
bus she had her 'book' also.

The next day I expedited a delivery to Papa!
Papa turned 101 this past March.
I wanted to make sure that he could see this completed project.

He took the book carefully in his hands and
exclaimed how beautiful everything looked.
He walked his fingers over each plate and asked about the recipes.
But he knew there was one special page...
You'll soon know why.

He marveled at the fact that MCC received all the royalties.
He was tickled pink as he pinched my cheeks...
and gave me many extra hugs.
It feels so good to set the book in it's new stand on my kitchen counter as it
becomes another reminder of the many Celebrations of Life.
Truly this book has once more become a project dedicated to the
generations to follow which reflects sharing the love of God.
Most of all we know that this book is truly in  "His Hands" 

Hoping to meet many of you in the days and months to come.

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  1. I got emotional seeing your father-in-law appreciate this gift from you. I know we all have loved ones gone, who we wish we could share this milestone with . . . for me it's my mother-in-law, my dad and my Omi. Let us appreciate the ones we still have.

  2. Marg, I just teared up seeing your Papa and his appreciation of you and the work and sentiment involved. I think it is so very special you can share this with him.

  3. Your post brought tears to my eyes - how wonderful to share this with your Papa! My Dad was thrilled as well to see the book and at 90 years of age is planning on cooking from it!

  4. How see Papa enjoying the book! Yes, we can hold it in our hands...he can hold it in his hands...but ultimately we leave it in God's hands.

  5. What a sweet thing to see Papa enjoy the book. So beautiful...

  6. What a touching post Marg! It truly is in His hands.... So wonderful to celebrate this with Papa - he is sooo proud of you and I look forward to seeing that special page. Well done to all!!!

  7. Bravo - and what a wonderful post! My book is ordered and I can't wait to find it in the mailbox!

  8. Most precious post about the meaningful! You know how to make moments with others a celebration, and paging through your book with Papa will be a time you and your family will never forget.
    PS Thanks for remembering me poolside.....I thought of each one of you on that great day too....such a fun celebration you had together:)

  9. I see you all so excited about the new book, rightfully so; it makes me also excited! You have worked so hard at this, with your hearts. Your Papa looks great! Dairymary


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