Friday, April 26, 2013

Keep the Women Happy!

Thank you once again, Ritchie & Smith our local feed company,
for pampering the  farmer's wives.
There motto is...
"If you can keep the women happy, the men will pay the bills."

We were greeted by a strange looking package aboard the bus.
What was in the package?
This package was laid carefully on the front seat.
The blow of a horn, alerted the women, to pass the gift up and down the aisle.
This package was carefully handled by unwrapping layer after layer.
only on the signal of the horn tone.
Slowly it decreased in size.

 Never the less we enjoyed the ride over the Squamish highway to Whistler.

The breathless views of the snow capped mountains glistening in the sun.
Glaciers being formed with the warmer weather arriving,
inviting those back country skiers.
As you can tell, we jumped on board getting front view seats at no extra cost. 

Meanwhile we enjoyed a beautiful day in the sunshine.
There's nothing better than enjoying lunch with other farmer's wives.

 And guess who we spotted amongst the farmer's wives.
None, better than our famous 'Lovella' with her dear sister in law Mary.
Away from her desk, away from her computer...
Just plain away!

Sometimes it's nice to take off all the different hats that we wear.

In the evening we were treated to wine tasting along with our progressive supper.
We started with appetizers at the Hyatt,
an entree choice of veal or salmon at the Quattro
and chocolates at Roger's and Rocky Mountain.
The evening ended with at glass of 'ice wine' at the Westin Inn.

It's a new color for some of us as we tried to perk up after months of rain.

We slowly weaved our way through the Whistler Village shopping, eating,
and people watching, only to be greeted by....

 this friendly group of snowboarders, donning the latest trends.

After a two day waiting period,
the contents of the package were finally disclosed.
Congratulations Theresa!
When 53 farmers wives come together we unknowingly understand each other.
Farm women understand the frustrations of
weather and weeds,
harvest and calving,
insects, and diseases,
government rulings,
soaring expenses...
the list is endless and we fret hours over them.
Farm women understand that the very act of farming is an act of faith.

"We must laugh and we must sing,
We are blest by everything,
Everything we look upon is blest."
William Butler Yeats

Long live the Farm Women!


  1. What fun...what good memories!

    I like that analogy...that farming is an act of faith.

  2. That is a great way to tell the story! Well done Marg!

  3. Love how you shared the get a way.....looks like fun was had. With the friends and the famous:)

  4. Oh how fun to read your account! In fact, all three accounts provide a wonderful full picture of the time away. So glad that you all had the opportunity. Now you can put those hats back on for a while without them pinching until the next time you are able to take them off again. That color coral red whatever is marvelous on both you gals. Just what spring-loving gals are wearing this year.

  5. Once again i loved the artlcle and wish we'd have a 'farm wonem' thing with scenry like that in MB. We seem to go international when we leave. I guess the snow capped mountains can't are too far away to captivate us. Love your adventuresome and fun spirit.!!!

  6. Long live farmer's wives! Amen and Amen. You support your men and that helps them surmount the considerable challenges they face so that we can enjoy our eggs, milk and vegetable. Thank you from a non- farming family!

  7. Yes, for sure! Long live the farm women! What would we eat without them? =)

  8. I have thoroughly enjoyed all three accounts of this little adventure get-away! Bravo to farmers and their gorgeous wives! Love the perky new colour, the spunk and fun loving spirits! You gals ROCK!

  9. I wish the university would do a 'keep the spouses happy' event :)

    You obviously had a great time!

  10. I don't think my farmer parents had the right connections. My mother and her friends never got treated so nicely as to go on wife outings. How fun for you all. Looks like a perfect get-away!

  11. So glad to see you all enjoyed this wonderful yearly outing again this year, Marg! God bless farmers...and their wives!

  12. Looks like a fun time was had by all!! Fun version of your time, Marg.


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