Monday, April 8, 2013

Flying High on Estrogen!

We've been a friendship group for over 40 years.

 We have shared and carried each other 
through many challenging journeys in our lives. 

We've gathered together monthly to celebrate our birthdays.
Some years back...ideas were thrown out to do a group event.
A few brainstorming sessions, brought us all on board,
and here we are, living the dream.
We are in for a good time,
walking the streets of Vegas, 
Window browsing,
Shania Twain,
Cirque De Soleil
Hop on! Hop Off Bus...
Viewing gardens
Viewing glamorous hotels
sitting and drinking coffee.
A 'selected few' decided rather than wearing signature t-shirts.
we would wear custom designed hand-made bracelets, designed by our own team.
It will keep our team laughing, jingling and smiling...
That's about as glitzy as we can be!!!
Imagine the estrogen flying around.
I'm sure there will be laughter and tears combined.
We will enjoy celebrating each day.

We'll be friends till we're old and senile, 
then we'll be new friends.


  1. How very fun Marg and such a blessing to have this group of ladies who stand by each other year after year. I just can imagine the fun you will have and the laughing and being relaxed. Enjoy!

  2. Do you really thing Vegas is ready for you and your group??? I think there ought to be a Public Notification! I can just imagine the fun you'll have, shopping and singing along at the concerts. The bracelets are great!

  3. Remember...what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Have fun! I feel silly saying that because I know y'all plan to have fun regardless!

  4. Oh boy...I can only imagine! I think you might be going in all directions...despite the jingly bracelets (very cute, BTW). Have fun!!!!

  5. Have a great time! I can imagine a lot of laughter in that group and that is good medicine!

  6. There's just nothing like girl friends unless it is that same group going for a getaway together enjoy - enjoy! We'll be waiting for pictures and tales of a few of your shared adventures. Not all though because we know that groups like this know how to keep a few things confidential which is what makes them so special.

  7. Yup--those old friends are the ones who have stood the tests of time. And I love the idea that eventually they'll become new friends again :)


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