Friday, April 12, 2013

Coming Down!!!

What did nine Mennonite Girls do in Vegas?

Giggled and laughed!
Wore stress relief patches prior to boarding.

Ate to our hearts delight!

Shopped and browsed windows.
Modelled new hats.

Chatted into the wee hours.
Why bother with going to bed?

Begged for money when the ATM rejected our cards due to insufficient funds.
Prayed and had wonderful fellowship!

Remember, what happens in Vegas, 
stays in Vegas!!!!

More to come!


  1. What a fun time with friends! Great photos, thanks for sharing Marg! We will want more details once we are all together:)

  2. Looks like loads of fun! That Homer Simpson live model is scaring me...

  3. Those desserts look amazing! (Those weren't at McDonald's, I know.) I'm glad you 'girls' had a fun time...and look forward to hearing more.

  4. Your friendship with the other ladies is priceless. Looks like a fun time.

  5. Oh that looks like such fun! And the!


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