Thursday, April 4, 2013

Always Room for One More!

We looked and we hunted...on line.
Just the perfect house for everyone for an Easter getaway.
The grands are always excited to have their own beds.

Of course, one has been busy organizing for this event
bringing along all those special Easter treats.
The boys painted their eggs with Auntie Mikki.
Food was devoured and enjoyed by all.
Reading of the scriptures reminded us all that
"He is Risen"

The following day the youngest was first in the SUV,
while all the gear was loaded...he eagerly waited to hit the slopes.

What better place to be than skiing at Mount Baker.
Another first for this family...close to home,
sunny skies, great company and we all love the sport.

I can't help but sing praise songs when I'm riding up the chair.
The mountains, the natural beauty that surrounds us.
"The skies proclaim the work of his hands."

And at the end of the day...we needed one last run, and one last photo op.

Sunday was the traditional Easter Egg Hunt.
Meanwhile, he waited patiently as he was asked to close his eyes,
while the Easter eggs were being hidden outside.

Young and old loved the traditional Easter Egg hunt out in the wooded forest.
This year we asked each adult to bring their favorite treat,
plus enough for all the other baskets.
This added some new dimensions that kept us all intrigued.
One adult enjoyed eating a whole can of sweetened condensed milk.
That was his treat....I think I will use mine for baking.

Last but not least, we met another young couple,
enthusiastic about skiing.
It's always fun to bump into your friends' kids, Heidi & Tim.
We are never to old to learn to ski, Judy.
What more than to close off the day sitting outside around a campfire.
And we'll continue to find room for one more.
And this was Easter, March 30, 2013.


  1. You know how to plan a good vacation! The lodge looked very nice, the skiing beautiful and refreshing, and the Easter traditions fun and exciting. It is hard to take holiday traditions on a vacation with you, but you did a great job.

  2. It look like you all the best of a most beautiful place! Maybe you just started a new Easter tradition for your family.

    Too funny...that you met my kids up there. They quite like Mt. Baker.

  3. Marg you and your family sure know how to have the best getaways! What a wonderful way to spend time as a family and enjoy each other.

  4. I love this!! You are so blessed with a beautiful family who loves to "play" together. Looks like so much fun and must have taken a lot of effort - so worth it all!

  5. Another fun adventure on the slopes! Great planning adds to a great time!

  6. What a great idea to do a family getaway for Easter. The boys obviously had a wonderful time on the slopes.

  7. Great running into you too marg! thanks for posting this reminder on facebook!

  8. Those snow capped mountain scenes are absolutely breathtaking!I'd love to just go up and down the chair!

  9. Great planning for a great memory making get away that would be enjoyed by all. You are such a cool grandmother!

  10. What a fun vacation that must have been - with the added attraction of not being far, far from home. Those little guys will have such wonderful memories of holidays with family.

  11. I loved seeing your Easter family get away and all the special ideas that made it perfect for everyone. You and John are so inspiring in the way you make memories.


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