Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Drive in My Neighborhood

It's the end of April, and I have wished for a sunny day...
And a family BBQ.
But I looked out my window and saw the east wind blowing my flag.
So we went for a drive.

The beautiful colors of the pink cherry blossoms,
with snow covered mountain peaks in the background.

Travelling further west, is a display of a modern dairy farm.
I love the color red.
Bright green grass, red barns and snow covered mountains.
Is it spring yet?

My favorite chicken barn, running parallel to our main highway. 

Green grasses, waiting to be cut....
with snow covered mountains.
The weather forcast sounds promising.
Farmers are eagerly waiting to cut their first crop.

My favorite ball park and my favorite mountain nestled in the background.
We spent hours playing here on teams and with the kids.
Mount Cheam in the distance..
Would the clouds lift?

It's getting closer, and one can almost see the avalanche tracks.

Here is a snapshot where we had our dairy for our first 25 years.
As you can see, Mount Cheam was right in our back yard.
I'm waiting for the clouds to open.

Ah!  Memories as I have seen our kids build their own motor
bike tracks right in front of the barn.

Adjacent to our dairy, stands our four hundred foot chicken barn.
I love my rides to the farm.

That's about as good as it gets, for today.
as you view the tip of Mount Cheam!

Here's a photo of my favorite house....
Lovella, this could be perfect for you.
And often you will see the ladies sitting on the front porch drinking coffee.
Isn't that the life?

And here's yet another beautiful farm home..
They have just given it a fresh coat of paint.
It's beautiful.

Coupled with another red farm...nestled in the red maples...
Yes, I feel like spring is in the air...
Back home again...
Ah...a moment in the sun, with good company,
and a fresh cup of coffee.
This has inspired me to pull out my patio furniture.
Who wants to join me?


  1. Maybe we'll pull our patio equipment out on Mother's Day weekend. Loved the tour of the places you like and see. Mt Cheam really is a beautiful backdrop for your valley!

  2. Oh Marg - your weekend drive is simply beautiful and, yes, it looks like Spring HAS arrived in your beautiful part of the world! We are having a few nice sunny and fairly warm days here too - Spring fever is in the air!

  3. Nothing is more beautiful to me than green farm country, spring blossoms, red barns, and snow covered mountains. I could settle right down there! Beautiful.

  4. I so enjoyed driving the country roads with you today....and hearing about memory lane. Beautifully captured. And yes....I will come and join you in your yard.....I have a box to pick up very soon. I'll honk before I arrive:)

  5. Wow. You really live in an awesome neighbourhood! Who wouldn't enjoy driving those country roads on a sunny spring day?

  6. If I could I'd dash right over to help you put out your patio furniture. What a day you chose for your drive! Mt Cheam, in all its splendour - spectacular! I think spring has well and truly arrived.


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