Thursday, March 7, 2013

Water Babies!

The ocean and I have built a strong relationship over the years.
I love this swimming suit...It covers me completely.
Today's trends are slightly more revealing,
but underneath it all, a little one is tucked away.

Years later I am still going back to the ocean.
I walk, I swim and get tossed about.
Sometimes I've been tossed about too much,
knitting just allows me to settle down.
After all, knitting could count as aerobic exercise for the fingers, right?

This guy always comes along....
He walks and swims with me....
As you can tell, he's a happy man.

For a moment, you can see my foot prints as I dash into the waters.
And then they vanish as the waves crash over the sand.
There's nothing more exhilarating than to take a quick jog,
feel the sun burning down on your shoulders,
and feel the freedom of jumping into the warm ocean waters.
Clothes and all!
I love sitting on the shore and hearing the oceans crash, and singing....
"How could I say there is no God?
When all around creation calls?
A singing bird, a mighty tree,
the vast expanse of open sea.
I love to stand at ocean shore.
And feel the thundering breakers roar.
How can you say there is no God?
I believe just like a child."

See you all later or come and join me!
Let's all become water babies.


  1. Oh I wish!!! The water draws me too. One of these days we'll head to those islands and see what all the fun is about.

  2. Oh how I wish I could join you! Love that picture of you in snorkel equipment, sporting your water baby suit. Such a lovely poem. Have fun knitting by the sea :).

  3. I'm with Pondside...I wish! Have fun.

  4. i love the ocean too...which is why we live minutes away from it. Hawaii looks fun...we are still pondering if we will be going to Hawaii or California in December this year...depends on where I can get my timeshare points for. Anywhere near the ocean is fine with me though...have fun.

  5. Enjoy! Enjoy! We have sun here today, but the ocean is too far and not one you'd want to jump into yet!

  6. oH such a tempting invitation! Wouldn't you be surprised if I knocked on your door? I love the ocean too and look forward to future visits there. In the meantime...enjoy your time of rest and rejuvenation!

  7. I haven't been getting your blog updates! I've missed a few posts. I love your ocean memories and your old hair-dos are much better than some that I had sported. I went through some really bad hair years!

  8. Maui! Kihei! Sugar Beach! Sigh. So beautiful .... Enjoy it whenever you can. xoxox

  9. Great memories, thank you for sharing! Always having a blast:)

  10. I'm with you! You are a fabulous fellow ocean soul!


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