Monday, March 25, 2013

First Time!

There is always a time for First's. 
Today I'm sharing with you a  rolling report of some First's!

Coming together and baking Lovella's Paska brings many smiles.
Sometimes it's good to have an account from behind the scenes.
For a more detailed account...whip over to Lovella's blog.
We all demonstrated and delivered our food with plenty of gusto...
"But why didn't the Paska rise, Lovella?"
We're contemplating the reasons...
While some are smiling, others are constraining themselves.
It's always fun as we come together,
hastily making our recipes, under the pressure of an audience,
but we just keep bolstering each other, one step at a time.
It was my First time demonstrating Seerney Spread,
(pg. 134 in MGCC cookbook.)
but my assistant Kathy, kept edging me on with her laughter.
It was also our First Time singing the Doxology together prior
to the meal time at Lepps' farm.
And the whole class joined in with harmony.

It was the First Time the little boys helped us picking up the debri on the yard.
A few Easter eggs laid tucked in the grass, which  motivated them as they
quickly picked up their eggs and branches.
Who could find the most eggs?
Who could collect the most branches?

It was the First Time that we had blue skies and double digit temperatures.
First Time to take off those winter jackets.

First Time to check the raspberry shoots.

First Time to toss their nun-chucks in the air and master catching them.

First Time for a swing.

First Time for a Coke Zero!
And he's smiling, as usually it's juice or water 

First Time for a lawn cut.

First Blooms.
First Burgers on the Grill. 

Hope you were First to enjoy the sunshine this past weekend.

Next weekend will bring another First for us!


  1. OH being a little boy at your house is the best place to be! So fun.
    OH my...who is that woman with the deer in the headlights look? Just laughing here!

  2. Fun firsts Marg!! My poor lawn wishes I had mowed it...

  3. Beautiful firsts captured to enjoy and give thanks for! Isn't that what happens when we really capture how amazing life is?

  4. We are all enjoying those 'firsts of spring' these days. My grill had salmon on it instead of grands were girls instead of eggs got hung on a tree rather than hidden in the grass. Oh...but I haven't been out to check on the raspberry shoots yet. It's all good!

  5. What delightful firsts! I can't believe how Springy it's looking over there...we're still waiting for the temps to get above 3C but I'm sure it will happen soon. What fun hiding and finding eggs - the bunny sure was busy and those boys look like they are having such fun! Can't wait to haul out the BBQ - your burgers look wonderful! I have so enjoyed reading your accounts of the Lepps class - you gals are amazing! Have a wonderful week Marg.

  6. I am looking forward to some of those sme firsts, but not for a few days. Next week is spring brek and I will have more time. This time of year is beautiful. Fun time to spend with the grand kids, too.

  7. Wasn't it a lovely weekend? We grilled too - but I sure wish I'd had some helpers like yours to pick up the dead Easter eggs here, but it could have been arranged!


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