Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Bunnies & Potatoes!

Yesterday, I heard a loud holler from the back forty, "OMA!"
I went running to the back garden.
This guy was digging fresh he thought.
"Get me a shovel"
"No, not the little one, the big one like Opa uses."
He associates warm days with gardening and remembers the planting season.

He was in his glory as he pulled weeds...and found a few potatoes.
Little did he know that he was digging up weeds.
He thought they were potatoes.

So I became inspired and turned over the soil of one garden bed,
thinking it is somewhat early, but on the other hand.
"Put them to work when they are willing."

A few days later while he was outside playing, he came running to the house.
He had gathered up a bucket of old potatoes...
He was all excited and said, The Easter bunny dug up potatoes for us."

And I could hear him say in his baby voice,
"This will be your home...stay nice and warm."
He continued to lay each potato into the hole making sure the eye was poking upward.

Then came the time to add a bit of fresh water and fertilizer for an extra boost.

"I can do it alone!"

Then he found the soft soil and carefully covered the potatoes.

His job is done and he packed the rest to the house.
He can't wait till school's out..
That's when he will start digging again.

Gardening for me is the pleasure of sharing new life
with the little ones and watching the growth of newly planted potatoes.
I can count on him checking weekly.
Before you know it, we will enjoy eating home made potato chips.

Hope you can enjoy some simple pleasures.
I wonder if I have a future farmer?


  1. wanna grow me some taro root? It makes good chips and I need a non potato chip...having a hard time finding it at the market. Next time you go to Hawaii, maybe I will get you to bring me some home HA HA HA

  2. So sweet to watch your little grand work hard!

  3. Simple pleasures are the best kind! What fun times for him at the farm.

  4. I too will be watching and waiting for those potatoes to grow:)
    Great job Oma and your big helper!


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