Friday, March 1, 2013

Changing Hair Trends!

I've had some fun projects this winter... 
 I've been working my way through albums from my past 4 decades.
  I have discovered various hairstyles through the era's. 
So I decided to share some of these styles with you. 

When I was a small child, I had a pixie cut.
My father put a bowl over my head and gave me a cut.
Later, I grew out my bangs.

After we were married, I decided to grow it long.
That lasted for about 4 years, and then the kids came.
Remember Farrah Fawcett styles?
The hair was cut shorter permed, layered and feathered.
I'm sure we all have memories of permed hair.

 1993 - 1997
I cut and colored my hair and enjoyed the short style.
The gray was uncontrollable at an early age.
I loved how Princess Di wore her hair.
I liked my hair short, but I had to wash and  style it every day.
So, I slowly let it grow back into a bob.
Over my last 15 years, I'm back to the traditional bob,
sometimes scrunched,
sometimes in a ponytail,
sometimes inverted...
sometimes longer....
and sometimes curly.

So my hair style looks similar to the first era....
They always say that as you age, you revert to similar patterns of the past.
The beautiful thing about changing your hair, 
is that it will always grow back.
So if you don't like your hair, change it!

Which era do you like the best?


  1. Marg - you are such a beautiful woman. What fun to see all your different hair styles throughout the decades! My hair is thin and fine and I've had the same short, needing to be styled everyday, hair for longer than I can remember. Lately have been contemplating letting the gray shine through but don't know if I'm quite ready for that. In the mid 70's I had an afro perm complete with a wooden pick to fluff it - so funny!!!
    It was so great to hear your voice yesterday on the radio interview!! I am so impressed that you host European families in the summers. Wow! You all did such a great job. Congrats!

  2. You looked great in all the styles!
    The cute curved bangs that were so "in" during the 1950s was brought on by President Eisenhower's wife Mamie. I had the same bangs...funny that a style that a 60 year old woman's hair do was done on pre school aged girls.

  3. What see you through the ages. I vaguely remember 'the Marg' in all those photos...except for the very first one. My favorite? The Marg of today....the bob.

  4. Love your bob! I'm finally able to wear one since I bought a flat iron :) My hair looks like your Farrah Fawcett only I never needed a perm!

    Just heard you on Amish Wisdom - what a great interview - well done!

  5. Well from the land of the "bob" I'm going with that look. I do remember the good ole days of the flip!

  6. I'm really envious of your thick hair. It is so cute on you in a bob and it suits you so well. I think the one in the middle at the top is just darling of you.

  7. I remember the Farah Fawcett look being the ultimate! And you did that well!But now I like the simple classic look of the bob ...I also like the one in the middle on top. I wish I could do the bob in curly style. But perms do grow out way too quickly.

  8. How funny! It seemed like I was looking at MY photos from those years. Yup, did the page boy, flip, Farrah Fawcett, and the long with bangs.
    Now I'm all for the short and simple style!

  9. '93-'97. Wow, so chic. Makes me think I should get mine cut like that. I now wear it pretty much as you do in the last panels.


  10. Its very good job mary. I like your hairs from 1993 to 1997. You are looking so gorgeous in that Bob style.


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