Thursday, March 21, 2013

Airport Musings

I love airports...sitting, waiting,...texting....silly things.
For once I don't feel guilty like I'm wasting my time.
Airports give you the feeling of leaving,
leaving your work behind...
some take it with them,
but somehow it's just a bit of change.

Last year, while celebrating our 60th....
Judy and I both found some 2010 Olympic jackets, on sale at the YVR airport.
We could not resist the temptation of making a spontaneous decision.
As you can tell, people turned around and stared at us.

A week ago I sat at the HNL airport...waiting to go home.

My husband looks up at me and quietly tells me to move my head.
Now, he was the one taking photos...
He was mesmerized by this elderly couple using their laptop.
I could hear them laughing...
And just before there lunch came they bowed their heads to pray.

He enjoyed reading while she was clicking away.
So what does it feel like to be in the line of action?
It was fun observing my husband taking photos....
He did not miss a thing.
Hoping that we can continue to travel for years.
Airports truly are a place for
young and old alike, enjoying the waiting time,
some were obviously engaged in love making,
others talked excitedly about the white smoke...rising at the Vatican,
others were visibly bowing their heads giving thanks.

I must admit I did not like the turbulent ride home.
I was sitting in the front seat,  not 'first class'
Never again, as there was one long line up wishing to use the facilities.
Meanwhile, through the turbulence, the stewardess asked
us all to remain in our seats and to acknowledge the seat belt sign.
After a few hours,  people ignored all instructions,
and I witnessed frustrated travelers arguing with the airlines staff.

It's always good to be safe and sound at  'HOME AGAIN'
where there are endless facilities and no long line-ups.

Do you like airports?

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  1. I loved your post, Marg..but I have to say I do not like airports! Neither do I like to fly!
    But it sure looked like you enjoyed yourselves:)

  2. Once I am through security...I LOVE airports, but only if they have free wifi...LAX does not have free wifi yet, so we try to bypass that airport. I like small airports because line ups are shorter, but they don't have as many ammenities. I love sitting at an airport sipping my Starbucks coffee. I love people watching at airports. I am trying to think which is my fav airport so far...San Diego...ya, that is the nicest one so far. Small but has decent stuff in it.

  3. I do like to people watch at airports. I have to say I've had my fill for awhile, though. We had a long delay in Amsterdam where they had us in a holding room that really was too small for the plane load of people. I love that your guy was taking photos, too!

  4. Oh yeah...airports can be fun! Like Stefani said...once through security, the vacation begins. But I think one needs to be in good company to really enjoy time spent in an airport. This post brings back good memories of our time spent together at YVR.

  5. I never mind time spent waiting in an airport, especially if I'm with The Great Dane. I'm a people-watcher, as I think you and your husband must be, too.
    Funny, but we both talked about 'the facilities' in our posts today!

  6. Because I don't enjoy flying, I don't like airports much. Too many miles logged on planes.
    But I do think Columbus OH has a nice airport. Free wifi, very short lines, Starbucks inside the gates area.

  7. People watching and art installations are the only two aspects of airport time that is pleasurable. Got to make the best of the time; glad you did.


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