Friday, February 22, 2013

Knit or Tink?

With retirement around the corner, I truly wanted to have 
more time to savor and enjoy something new.
There was something inside of me waiting to be birthed.
I had eyed this store for years....
I finally walked in and signed up for a class.
I was now free to choose some new hobbies.
Bought some needles.
Bought some wool.
Chatted to a few friends, and they also signed up.
I've had fun learning to knit, and tink over the past few months.
Last week they taught us a new term,  'tink' means to knit backwards.
(notice it's spelled backwards)
We all had some good laughs and chuckles.
How many times have I pulled apart a project?
How many times did I forget to count?
How many times did I tangle my wool?
How many projects are laying unfinished?
Who feels like making a tension swatch?

But when you are air borne and the lady next to you is knitting...
You know that you've just made a new friend.

One thing I have truly discovered, is that when I need therapy,
I dash off to the local craft shop in town.
They always greet me with a friendly smile.
And a helpful hand.
And they never say 'No' to my Visa Card.
Thank you to the ladies at Chilliwack Wool and Craft Shop!
They have helped me to realize that 
"Happiness is in your hands."
It's been fun to rediscover some new dreams and goals.
Are you ready for something new?


  1. Good for you Marg to learn how to knit or tink (love that)! A few years ago I tried to learn and have a very simple vest project partially finished - I really should pick it up again! Maybe going backwards would work better!??

  2. I've had a busy week at school and missed your birthday post. I hope you had a great birthday-it looked like you did! Good luck with the knitting. I think keeping your hands busy is quite restful. My problem is keeping track of which stitch I'm on as I try to talk and watch television at the same time. The best part will be the fun finished projects!

  3. Good for you Marg! I'm glad your hands are able to work those needles and yarn. I have to say I'm not quite ready for something new just yet...
    Maybe in the fall...

  4. Oh, I do both lots. How interesting for you to ask if I am ready for something new--I've been reading a book about creativity and contemplating which if any of my other interests to pursue with passion.

  5. Love this column -- and love the knit/tink connection too...

    One thing I like about knitting is that it's portable.

    For another, if I mess up, I can unravel it and re-do it. But if I mess up when I'm sewing, the mis-cut piece of fabric is done for!

    Enjoy your new hobby and your new friends. xoxox

  6. I think I'd be very good at tinking - knitting not so much!

    I'm trying acrylic painting - it's fun, challenging and I'm learning I'm a lot.

  7. So glad you are knitting and tinking in your 'old age'! :) Love the project you gifted me with.

    PS Just kidding...about the 'old age' part.

  8. I was not sure if the tink was the mENNONITE VERSION OF THINK

    I was wondering at first if you were talking about the Mennonite way to say think. I would proalbly be doing a lot of tinking if I knit. If I need a hobby it's not knitting. =)But someboby has to do it!

  9. Good for you , Marg ! Your projects are adorable!
    Knitting has long been a loved hobby of mine -- I think I first learned to hold knitting needles when I was 5 years old! BUT .. I never learned the knitting term 'tink' -- probably because it is the one thing about knitting that happens to every one! smile... Love the term!

  10. So fun Marg. I have no time to think of new projects...I have my hands full with the ones I started some time ago. Maybe when I retire from my current ones I'll take up knitting again. I always think it is so beautiful.

  11. Knitting is something I have tried and failed at 3 times so I leave it to my daughter now. She is a true knitting fan - and takes it with her wherever she goes. I still wonder now and again when I see all those beautiful wools whether I should try again though.

  12. How nice that you have reached that time in life to do some of those things you did not have time for before. Something to look forward to. I love your creations!


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