Monday, February 18, 2013

Keep Changing It Up!

Last year, we celebrated our big birthdays together at Big White.
It was my big 60! and Mikki's big 30!
We walked into a darkened room with digitally lit devices
playing the tunes of birthday music.

This year as the day approached, during our  winter ski holiday,
we both were wondering how they would change it up.
Or would they?

We walked into a room filled with a charade of animal characters squealing, howling, and growling.

And we had no choice but to join in the fun.
We were all entertained as they blew horns, whistles and adorned us
with the appropriate animal masks.

A cake for each of us, as we delightfully shared our cake and ate it too.

On my very first birthday....
I received a beautiful gift of hand made jade pearls from my hubby.
These have special memory as his mother ordered the jade from Germany,
and had the jewelry specially made for me.

Forty one years later, I received a pair of slip on shoes.
Notice the same color tones.

There's a story to be told.
I've worn the same slip on shoes for more than ten years.
They travel and pack lightly and are my favorite.
While on our last vacation to Tahoe...
my daughter, Mikki, told me in no uncertain tones, that they had to go!
But no one knew how much I loved those worn out old soles.

She too, unknowingly replaced my slip on shoes with a pair of comfy soled slippers.
She and her father had not collaborated on their birthday gifts.
So together, they took my old black slip ons  and snipped them up into pieces.
 They made sure that those soles were terminated.
After all these years, it does not matter anymore.
I know I'm loved and appreciated and we can all laugh and enjoy each other's company.
Isn't that what finally counts?

I love those old soles,
but keeping things changed up gives a spirit of adventure and curiosity.


  1. Happy Birthday!! Your family knows how to celebrate!! What fun! Nice new shoes too!!My dh had a favourite pair of shoes - I put them in the garbage (they were in sad shape) and he found them and fished them out!

  2. Oh what fun!!! You guys really know how to celebrate!!! No wonder your new book is called Celebrations!!!!
    Looks like everyone had a blast - young and not so young! Love your new soles and that jade necklace is beautiful!

  3. What a fun celebration! Love the masks. Soon someone will chuck my worn out favorite slippers here, too.
    Glad you had a wonderful birthday, Marg!

  4. It looks like you celebrated well! Love the new slip-ons (both pairs) and the jade pearls from long ago. I'm hoping to see you modeling all items for me...soon!

    And I'm hoping you are still in 'celebration mode'...since your birthday is not quite over and done just yet.

  5. Love those colors! What fun with the masks!

  6. Your family is so creative - I'm sure it's because of their very creative parents. And they care enough to see that you are properly shod and accessorized - that's love in action.

  7. What a sweet family! The birthday celebration looks like such a lot of fun and the gifts - well they came from the heart and soul!

  8. From Columbia to Merrell...not that bad of a long as they are cozy and warm and travel well...just like your family! LOL.

  9. Happy Birthday to you! Obviously your family knows how to CELEBRATE!


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