Friday, January 18, 2013

The Mountains are Calling!

The mountains are calling my name....
Blue skies...
Fresh powdery slopes...
My bags are packed.
My therapist is coming along.
Why is she dragging me this far?
We have mountains that offer similar programs much closer to home.
Over the last few weeks, she confronted me
that I have not given her a prime time spot on my blog

Ski boots and skirts?
I wonder what's going on in her mind?
I wonder who needs therapy?
It's  time for some therapeutic assessments.
Anyways I'm up for the adventure. 
Stay tuned...
As I will venture to share the results later.


  1. Oh Marg! I wonder who that photo is for?
    That daughter of yours keeps you young, I must say!

  2. She's a cutie and is going to keep you on your toes for a long time yet!! Have fun!

  3. Haha - she's one cutie pie indeed! Hope you have lots of fun on the slopes!

  4. Good to see old ladies who still ski. Old guys on skis get way too much press; make everyone sit up and take notice that Marg is on the slopes!

  5. What a great therapist you have. You go girl! I'm staying tuned......

  6. Please send the contact info for your therapist ASAP - that's the sort of therapy we could all use! Have fun!

  7. We are tuned Marg...and waiting for the full report! You have fun out there on the and your therapist and whoever else may be joining you:)

  8. Race her down the slops......then race home to give us the full report. all have me smiling!


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