Monday, January 7, 2013

Just One More Surprise!

What a great way to start my New Year! 

Well it's time I give my bloggers the cue about Santa's workbench.
As you can obviously see,
I received a long awaited noodle machine for Christmas from my family.

Within a day or two I was up to the challenge in making my first noodles.
Not quite knowing how to operate this new gadget,
I just hauled out my handy dandy iPad,
as it walked me through step by step on You Tube.

As I continued working through the steps,
my dough became longer and thinner.

Finally, the dough was as thin as could be.
I cut them in half and began the next step.

Slowly working one hand through the machine,
while the other hand turned the handle.
I was beginning to get the hint....
That oddly looking package became my new noodle rack.
We had tiers of noodles and next time, I will double the batch.
He's always had a hard time surprising me.
Somehow he's always left a hint or two...
but not this time.
I wonder what's next in his bag of surprises?
He knows how to keep me smiling and in the kitchen.
It did not take long before, a days labor of love,
was completely devoured by a hungry family,
who stood eagerly watching and waiting.


  1. Ahhh - a noodle rack! You were very busy and the noodles look amazing. No wonder they were eaten up by your appreciative audience. Good job!!!

  2. The noodles look delicious! Homemade noodles have a much better flavor! Good job to your husband.

  3. Looks like you made the most of both your gifts! I can understand why the noodles were devoured!

  4. Lucky family - that's a gift for everyone of them.

  5. What a fun and useful present! I remember making noodles by hand in Indonesia. No gadget or rack--the process was cumbersome to say the least; but one will do most anything if the craving is strong enough. Wish I'd had that noodle cutter :)

  6. Fun and so practical...your Christmas gifts! I'm glad he was able to totally surprise you with his latest invention. (And I don't think you rolled on the floor with laughter this time.) Enjoy...your gifts...and all the noodle to come!

  7. This was almost like a tutorial in itself! I was begining to visualize the cutting up by hand, like my mom did, and then you just put it through that handy machine again. I think you ae going to have a lot of fun with this, knowing how much your family appreciates "your labor of love".

  8. Emmy MartensJanuary 07, 2013

    I got one from my parents years ago --just like that one. I used it on " MB storm days" for something special to do with the kids home from school. Now you have something different to do with your grand kids.

  9. I've never tried home-made noodles. I bet they're delicious!

  10. Hi Marg,
    I have been following your blog for years and have your cookbook.
    Your noodle machine post caught my attention ... I had bought one for myself in Indiana in November! Someone in BC contacted me about buying one after I did a post on my blog. Could you tell me if they are available in BC? Thank you Judy

  11. this is the same kind my paretnes gave all of us sisters. Mine was fantastic for storm days in the prairies.Messy but great soup adn lasagna.


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