Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hosting Bloopers!

Over the past months we have all been busy working with our editors for the new 'Celebrations' cookbook. Towards the end of our edits someone suggested that we compile a list of  'hosting tips'.
We all joined in sharing different tips that have been tested and proven in our kitchens.
Well this weekend it was my turn to host guests.
I used several of the recipes from the new book.
I checked off my duty list diligently.
Complete meal preparation early.
Set the table in advance.
Shine the sinks.
Empty the dishwasher.
Trash any dirty dish rags.
Hang a pretty tea towel.
Those are just a few of the tips to follow.

The company arrived, and I had them sit down immediately at the table.
As they sat down, I began to put the prepared dishes on the table.
When suddenly...
I stopped.
Excused myself.
Asked them to come and sit around the coffee table.
Poured everyone a glass of punch and set out a bowl of nuts.
They looked at me and I looked at them sheepishly.

"I'm over 60 and you need to give me some slack."
"I forgot to cook the rice."

We all had a good laugh.
And just then I reminded myself, that I was the one who had made the suggestion 
about learning to laugh at yourself when things don't go as expected.
It paid me back well.


  1. What a great story! I can relate to it and I'm sure many others will, too. Recently I cooked a pot roast and had it in a crock pot. I moved the crock pot to another plug and didn't realize I had to reset the dials. Company came and the meat wasn't finished! At least it was my family and we had another small roast to tide us over. All you can do it laugh (or cry)!

  2. Ah, if it can happen to you the rest of us can feel a little better! Thanks for the morning smile!

  3. Well done, Marg. It sounds like you handled the situation gracefully! You are such a great hostess. Dairymary

  4. Well done Marg! It's good to chuckle at ourselves sometimes and go with the flow...

  5. So perfect Marg..you know of what you speak!

  6. Aww Marg - you are so funny and this is such a great story!!! I can imagine how it put everyone at ease and you handled it perfectly.
    I can hardly wait for that new book...

  7. My bloopers usually involve leaving a side-dish in the fridge or on the stove...and finding them when the meal is done. But leaving out rice? That's a good one, Marg! And you took it all in stride.

    Just so you know you are in good company...when we sat down to breakfast at my sister-in-laws on Monday morning, she realized she had forgotten to bake the breakfast casserole. :)


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