Monday, January 28, 2013

Birthday Booties!

My daughter and I have had this conversation over the past days.. 
"Mom, remember when you made me wear those boots to school?"
"You thought they were classy and stylish. 
Little did my friends no what 'Sorels' were." 
Today, everyone pays the big buck to own a warm pair of 'Sorels' 
All I knew at that time was that they were practical and you were guaranteed warm feet.
"But Mom, all my friends called me, Booties."
My apologies go out to my daughter, who just had another birthday this weekend.

I'm still trying to pay you back...
and so I decided to give you another pair of 'booties.' 

Here is our young bride from this summer...and she is so happy.
She loves her dog, Drift.
And I know she loves her husband too.
She may be a teacher, but on the sidelines she has been
 participating in dog agility classes for years.

She's off with the truck, camper and dog, to an all weekend tournament.

Drift's friend is Miga who loves to travel along as a companion.
Together they love to win their most prize possessions.
Honk, next time, when you see this trailer and
two dogs flying past you on the freeway.

 This proud owner has just earned a Master's Certificate in dog agility,
while I was thinking a 'Masters of Education'

And many more awards posted all over her fridge.

Happy Birthday, Suzanne!

May these 'booties' keep your feet pleasantly warm on your next outing.


  1. A very Happy Birthday to your girl! Those booties will her feet warm for sure!

  2. oops - "keep" her feet warm :)

  3. Cute story and happy feet to boot! So interested in your daughter's Dog Agility accomplishments - that's wonderful!

  4. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter! That's a lot of ribbons!!

  5. Happy Birthday to your fun loving daughter!!

  6. Happy Birthday to your girl! Those booties look so warm and cozy.
    You are right by the way that I neglected to post any knitting photos last week. My deep, sincere apologies! I will certainly correct the error this week :)

  7. Those booties look very cosy. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!

  8. accomplished trainer, she is! She will enjoy these booties, Marg! Very cute.

  9. Happy Birthday Suzanne. Those booties are too cute!!! Congrats to you and your dog....I'll be looking for you along the highways. I'll be the one honking like mad....just ask you mom:)

  10. My feet are shivering as I type.....those boots looks nice and toasty warm. I hope your daughter has a great birthday and that you have a fun skiing vacation. Where did you end up going?


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