Friday, December 14, 2012

The Dancing Queen!

It was one of those days...when I got the call.
"Mom, can you be my dance partner?"
"You know I don't dance...." I said.
"But Mom, it's a dance-off at school, and I totally forgot about the event."
 "Please bring me an outfit, one for you and one for me." 
The grade fives will be so disappointed if I don't participate.

I found the right outfits.
A polka dotted dress for me, with black tights,
 and a black jacket, covering my naked  back...
(I could not manage to squeeze into a size 4 dress)
I found just the right beret to compliment my dress and
she wore a lilac colored dress over her jeans with a lilac colored mask.
She could of sold that mask many times that day.

And of course we both danced to the "Dancing Queen" by
the musical, Mama Mia.
I've always loved that musical and can still be seen walking out of the theatre...
dancing and singing to the music of the Dancing Queen.

You've seen our skillful and creative moves,
as we simultaneously danced across the floor.

 And the final score?
TENS from all of the judges....
We won the Dance-Off at my daughters school.
It was a pleasure to receive this honorable award from Simon Cowel.

We informed the class that we had been a mother-daughter team for many years.
There are times when you can get away with anything.

When I got dear man could not believe that I had become his Dancing Queen.
Finally I explained to him, how I had been deprived from this form of art.

One thing fore sure, that if we rush to pursue our daily routines,
life speeds by and we forget to live.

"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives."
Anne Dillard

Remember there is no such thing as in insignificant day.


  1. That is pretty exciting to be a dancing queen at our ages! Loved the outfits and wish I had been sitting among the students to see their excitement!

  2. Flashing your dancer legs at him like that...jaw dropping!

  3. You Rock!! I'll be watching all the dancing shows now, for a glimpse of a team from your neck of the woods.
    You are a very good sport!!!

  4. Way to go Marg - you are so right! If we don't seize every moment and live it to the max, we have only regrets at the end of our life. I love the way you are available at the 'drop of a hat' for your family and friends. You dance, girl!

  5. You are an inspiration Marg! You were really in a groove with your dear daughter!

  6. What a riot!!! You are hilarious Marg and so spontaneous!!!! So true that we must sieze the day!!!! Rock on ....

  7. Oh what fun! You Dancing Queen you! Of course you and she would win the dance off. Mother daughter duos are the best :)

  8. Oh...that is too funny! Who would have thought...? You will never cease to surprise!

  9. Oh my, that is hilarious!!! You are such a good sport.....I don't think I would have had the nerve to do that.

  10. That's wonderful! Congratulations! As one of your commentators said, "You rock!" :o)

    Happy Christmas!

  11. I love how you seize opportunities.....making each moment count. You make me laugh out loud!

  12. What fun that your daughter would call you up for that! And so great that you took her up on it! Perfect song too! I wish I could have seen it. =)

  13. Congratulations, Marg !! that is GREAT ! BUT ... how come you didn't demonstrate your dancing art at our party ?? Next time you won't get away with it !


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