Friday, December 7, 2012

Stuck on Tradition!

Traditions give the family a sense of identity, and belongingness. 
Our family has always had a tradition of celebrating the Advent Season, which means that we take time to gather around the table, focus on others,  rather than just ourselves.  When our children were small we lit the candles, read  scriptures and ate some favorite Christmas baking.  
Talking about food...our favorite cookie is the Pfeffernusse
 My recipe calls for a peculiar spice mixture which can only be found in a European delicatessen.  Our local deli has closed down.  Other's advised that I change up my recipe.  
My kids did not not agree.  I was on a hunt to find those spices.
Facebook saved my day, as I started complaining about local deli's closing down. 
How could I make these specialty cookies without the right spice package?  
To make a long story cousin in Calgary saw my pleading request... 

 My husband always brings in the mail, and said,
'You got your first Christmas gift."
I anxiously opened the package only to find...
a special package from Erika...

the special spices that had me searching the valley.

I was a happy camper...many packages and the famous candles.
You can't use just any candles.
They need to come from Germany.

My weekend was a we lit the candle and talked about Hope!

In the afternoon, those little hands helped me build a gingerbread house.

Meanwhile, I was busy making my favorite Pfeffernusse, spices and all.

It was beginning to feel like Advent.
Meanwhile just down the road, another family who loves 
to bake, will have their annual "Pfeffernusse bake off"
Last year these girls together with their Grandmother, Frieda made 
more than just one batch...they made a mountain.
Guess what these girls are doing again next week?
They sure look like they belong!

Sometimes it's good to stick to traditions.


  1. I love your new header. It looks so warm and festive. I'm also glad that you were able to get your favorite spices- what a kind gift from a cousin! Have a fun holiday!

  2. Beautiful tradition Marg. Your home reflects the things that matter most to you..and that is beautiful.

  3. I'll bet your house smells wonderful, Marg! I'm a Pfeffernusse lover too but usually end up buying mine. The smells of Christmas, the smells of home, the smells of memory - it's all here in this post and I enjoyed all of it.

  4. I love how your family embraces tradition. Baking pfeffernuesse with
    grandchildren, hmmm - sounds like a plan.

  5. 'Mountains of pfeffernusse'...that sounds like my kind of mountain!

    It's feeling mighty warm and cozy over here...candles, peppernuts and a glowing new header.

  6. So glad you got your spices! I can almost smell those cookies baking. Enjoy!

  7. What fun, and what a nice cousin you have! My mom has been looking for those spices for years and now I know where to get them for her. Thanks for the tip!

  8. I love family Christmas traditions!!! So glad you found the spices you need for those special "cookies". My boss makes them every year and brings them to work - they are so good!! The gingerbread house looks great! Your header is beautiful too! It's starting to feel like advent here too.....

  9. Perfect! I love how you make time for such wonderful moments with your family...and hope the spices will still be a available for future generations to use!
    (I "punted " and bought a ready made box of those hard to spell cookies from our new Trader Joes store. They have the white powdered sugar coating and I must be careful while eating them lest smidgins of snow dust on my face and clothing betray my secret snacking!)

  10. What a sweet gift from your cousin! I love those cookies though have never had homemade ones.

  11. How fun is that....spices and candles. You are set....and I think I can smell all things good from across the tracks.


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