Saturday, December 29, 2012

Santa's Work Bench!

2012 was a year to remember. 
We started our Christmas by all attending a Christmas Eve Service,
Envision singing  'Silent Night',
a cappella style with candles lit throughout the sanctuary.

When we arrived home, we watched those eager eyes search the tree
and enjoyed watching the young ones open their gifts,
observing their facial expressions of curiosity, excitement and anticipation.

One of our famous traditions has been to 'Unwrap the Gift'
In order to qualify you need to roll a dice of 6,
wear the mittens, touque and scarf and try to open a carefully packaged
gift which was wrapped tightly and secured with packaging tape.

This is no easy task...
There were three levels of surprises.
At one point the screwdrivers were needed to open a hard drive casing.

There is always a lucky winner...a gift card.
I remember playing this game at my first Christmas, (40 years ago)
when I became an official member of my husband's family. 

Suddenly, Santa appeared out of the work shop..with something for Oma. 

And the fun began, as everyone watched in surprise as I slowly
opened and unwrapped the most unique gift ever.
It consisted of different sizes of wood doweling, screw drivers, screws.
Really what was I suppose to do with this?
A hand crafted note of instructions accompanied the package,
which made absolutely no sense to me.
 Was, this another Funnel Story?
Was it a directional guidepost?
Was it a weather vane?
A place to hang delicate laundry?
What's your guess?
The whole family was stunned.

Christmas Day found some of us on the snowy peaks of  Mount Thom,
while some folks at home attended to the turkey and stuffing.
Word of Caution:  Don't wear running shoes in the snow!

Can you find the pickle in the tree?
Another German tradition from years ago...
This is a great way to disassemble your tree.
Christopher became the prize winner for the second time.

Several rounds of Rook and Dutch Blitz
kept the competitive family spirits burning.

A packaged gift of cinema tickets lay awaiting for the next day.
Off to the cinema to watch 'Les Miserables, a stunning musical.

This was one special Christmas well spent in more ways than one.
Spending time with those I love most.

Tune in again...
to see what Santa had created in his work bench.


  1. What a fun time you had. I love the traditions that carry on...

  2. I am eaten up with curiousity and carefully noting the wrapping game for future Christmas fun. The movie is on my list to see and no, one doesn't run in the snow with running shoes you silly girl!

    Come snowshoe and photograph in the snow instead!

    Keep Christmas going!

  3. What fun I had catching up on your posts! It's about time someone invented a better way to water a natural Christmas tree! High five to your husband for the funnel gadget! And no, I couldn't find the pickle, lol!! Something sour, something sweet, and some stuff for the birds to eat!! Cute! God's blessings for the New Year!

  4. I keep sayin' it.. you guys know how to have fun!

  5. Family, food, games, laughter. Isn't it the best part of holidays? Looks like you had a nice holiday. We did too.

  6. The tried and true Christmas family traditions are the best! I remember the pickle in the tree, from our years in Germany, and was delighted to see it at your house! Now I'm curious....can't wait for the 'reveal' on Santa's workshop gift.

  7. I love your family traditions. Our daughter and son-in-law just gave us a hand blown glass pickle ornament with the story about how to hide it in the tree - had never heard of this tradition before and it sounds like such a fun tradition! We'll have to wait till next year to play this game.
    I am totally curious about your gift!!!! The farmer thinks it must be a "pasta dryer" (since I think we see a pasta making device on your coffee table)????

  8. Fun and games...all around! Glad Christmas was a merry one at your home. And yes...I'll be tuning in again to hear all about Santa's latest creation. :)


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