Thursday, December 20, 2012

Live, Love & Laugh!

In our home you will find the words,
Live, Love & Laugh engraved on the walls.
This year I found a small ornament and hung it on my tree.
This has been a week of a laughter for me.

We started the week with a MGCC Party.
When we get together with our husbands, we all enjoy a good laugh.
We do not cook on those evenings.
We just enjoy getting to know each other, yet we're still in the kitchen.
You can read all about these events on Judy`s or Lovella`s Blogs.

I thought putting up the Christmas tree would be simple,
following the same procedure as last year.
Until, my husband walked into the house with this contraption.
It's a large funnel, with tubing.
And I sneeringly said,
"What on earth is this?"
And he jokingly responded, that someday we will all be in wheel chairs,
and we will need to be more resourceful
than lying on our backs trying to water the Christmas trees.

He simply explained his mad method. 
It truly was a simple yet functional to give him credit.
I think he's heading to the Dragon's Den.
I of course got the giggles and could not stop laughing,
as I slowly demonstrated pouring water through the funnel.
"See, you don't need to bend any more." he stated.
I imagined implementing many other functions with this new tool.

We had a light dusting of snow today.
Just the perfect tone to set the evening for our evening Christmas Party.
Our church community hosts Life Groups, where people come together,
in homes and have an opportunity to grow and connect,
while learning spiritual truths from the Bible.
It is also a place to love and be loved and experience community.

Tonight was the evening of the annual White Elephant Exchange.
One mans junk may be anothers treasure.
Judy, not knowing, grabbed my wrapped gift first.
She opened it and found a funnel.
And there was a loud burst of laughter.

No, Judy, it's not a horn!

"What am I supposed to do with this?"Judy questioned.
I was rolling with laughter on the floor,
as I was trying to explain the role of it's new function.

By now, the men all chimed in and they all had their
own interpretations of functional services for a funnel.
Our contagious laughter worked well with this group.

Then it was my turn to pick a gift,
I heard one loud burst of laughter from the fellow next to me.
He was watching every move as I slowly opened the small packet. 

My unexpected gift brought more laughter.
The evening seemed endless of laughter.
And next year we will follow the same procedure again.

Sometimes it`s good to sit back and have a good laugh 
from a different view.
We may come in all sorts, sizes and shapes....
but we know how to have fun.

"The most wasted of all days is that in which we have not laughed."


  1. I think I need a Christmas tree watering contraption!! Looks like another fun night of laughing!

  2. It seems hubby has confiscated the 'watering contraption' and has found a new use for it over at the farm. It won't be coming back for a re-run at next year's 'white elephant' exchange. What good laughs we had last night...until all hours!

  3. There is a reason the Bible talks about laughter being the best medicine! It's especially good for the soul.

  4. Your husband is very creative! I'll bet he could make a bundle with his invention, with all the Boomers needing to water their trees. Your two evenings sound like they were full of laughter to herald in the big day!

  5. I love your husband's creativity! I would do the same thing, but our tree is artificial! We just had a fun party with old friends, too, and it is always fun to socialize with people you go way back with. (At our age that is a long way!)

  6. You have me laughing out loud - what fun and what a creative husband you have!!! You guys have the best parties ever! Marg - have a wonderful Christmas with your wonderful family. I still can't believe that it was you, someone so famous and fun, that gave me my very first comment just over 1 year ago. Someday I would love to meet you.


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