Thursday, November 29, 2012

Just Like My Mom!

Have you ever had this conversation with your family or friends 
where you talk about how your mother used to do things?

The other day when I was with Elsie, my SIL, she was asking me how I cooked my beets?
I replied.
"Dig them,
Wash them,
Leave the peel on,
and a two inch stem.
Cut the tops off at about two inches,
boil them for 10-15 minutes. 
Just like Mom"

She responded...that's exactly what my mom did.


Then when I was chatting to my sister about canning tomatoes, without question she responded...
"I can tomatoes Just like MOM!"

So then she asked, How do you freeze your apples?
"I peel them,
core them,
and dip them in salt water,
Just like Mom!"


We went out with some friends the other night to the ABC Restaurant in Abbotsford.
I kept peering at this family recognizing the children from my Sunday School Days.
I finally had the courage to step up and introduce myself.
Oh, did we have a good laugh as we acquainted ourselves.
He then responded,
"You talk 'Just like your Mom,' with hands flying all over the place."

We all know that somewhere, we have all vowed,
"We would do things differently!"
And yet, everytime I hear myself saying those words,
I sort of smile, thinking.
I am her daughter....she shared her life with me.
I now have the privilege of reading her journals....
and guess what?  I too am journaling..
"Just like MOM"

It's been twelve years that my mother has left us, all to early.
She was only seventy five.

I salute her every I walk past her photo,
and I thank her for the rich heritage that she so freely shared with me.

 I feel like she has missed out on so many milestones in my life.
Many times, I've said, Where is Mom?
But I realize that God  left me a special gift as a special reminder.

This little fellow was born on the same date, as her Celebration Day of Life. Nov. 27, 2008
What a gift...
He was over last week and wanted to make popcorn.
So I showed him how.
He thought it came ready prepared in a plastic bag from Safeway!

So we started from scratch.
I hauled out the old air popcorn maker.

 And the surprised look on his face as he watched it pop
and drop all over the place.

And we topped it off with just a bit of melted butter and salt.

 And he had his supper as he watched his favorite TV show.
I know it's no different than what my mom would of done.

Thank you Mom, once again for everything you gave to me.
And I love this special package...
 We will celebrate his birthday this weekend and I'll make sure
there are plenty of goodies and nibbles,

"Just like my MOM!"


  1. What a sweet post, Marg. I can imagine the pleasure your mom must be taking as she watches you and your children and grandchildren from heaven. My mom is with us still, but leaving by inches. I visited her last week and loved the times we spent sitting and chatting - me reminding her of things she'd done and her delighted 'Did I really?'
    You have a rich legacy from your mom!

  2. Oh Marg - what a lovely post. You have me teary eyed!!! I am ever thankful for the good mom I had - what a treasure. She's gone 10 years now and sometimes I just wish I could call her up and it hits me so odd that she's not there!!!
    You totally captured the surprise and delight on your grandson's face as he discovered how popcorn is made - that is so precious! So funny that we posted popcorn and mom stories today - kindred spirit indeed!

  3. What a wonderful post, Marg! It is so true and I catch myself and smile when I'm doing those things just like mom. The photos of you and little fellow are priceless. 75 is very young...

  4. What a great post, Marg! I remember your mom .. what a beautiful lady she was, serving with the seniors at church. I didn not know you then and now I love that connection to your family.
    What a special gift ... to have your grandboy be born on such a significant day for you! I love that photo of his laughter at the popcorn popping. I can just imagine. may the Lord bless you with many more such joyful moments and precious memories of your mom.

  5. What a nice tribute to your mom, Marg. Funny how we find ourselves 'being our mother's more and more as the years go by. And it's all good! We had good moms. Cute on-line journal entries of your grandson's corn popping experience!

  6. Marg, what a nice tribute to your mother. It left me thoughtful, thinking of how often I also do things ' just like mom '. How great that our mothers left us with good memories! I hope our kids will think good things about us too. Dairymary

  7. I love thinking about the influence of our mothers and what a compliment it is to be told we remind someone of them. I hope my own children will remember me fondly that way, too. Your mother must have been a wonderful cook and I'm sure you inherited the same gene!

  8. Thank you for sharing this Marg - I've been remembering my mom (and MIL) especially this week wishing so much they could have met their great grandkids. How they would have enjoyed them! I would have loved to meet your mom and see the traces of you in her. What joy you brought your grandboy in making popcorn. Sometimes we take for granted all these simple things until we see the wonder they bring in the next generation.

  9. What a precious post! You are passing on and instilling so much value, as well as great fun times to your little boys. I have found memories of your mom too. She and your dad sat in front of us every Sunday morning at Central Heights. We and our two young girls always knew that we would receive a warm welcome to church and have a nice chat with them.
    Happy Birthday to your grandson. Popcorn for supper....why not! I cheer you on! You go grandma!!

  10. Marg.. I know you miss your Mom .. but I don't believe SHE has missed anything - she just has a better view!
    What a precious gift a godly mother is ... when "just like Mom" is a complement!

  11. Marg...
    I thought you yesterday when I heard the song, "We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun....." and thought of your brother Len, "be seein' you Len".
    Your family was so gracious in giving us milk for all those years when Dad was the pastor at Central Heights.
    It's fun how we all have different memories of different families, but each played a significant part in our growing up.
    Hope you have a great day.
    -Evelyn (Dyck) Nelson


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