Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Just Do Push Ups!

I've enjoyed looking back through the photos of a busy summer season.
One of our adventures took us to Osoyoos. 
On the way we stopped at the Mascot Mines in Hedley,
giving the boys an opportunity to explore a real authentic mine.
The bus ride up to the mine took two hours.
which climbed 3000 feet above the valley floor,
offering some of the most stunning vistas in the Similkameen Valley,
working it's way to the Mascot Gold Mine era.

Our boys have been very building navigating their way through an
 educational game, called Minecraft which invites the children into a world of
exploring the earth's resources, harvesting crops and constructing buildings.
It's using your mind to imagine anything you want.

This little fellow found his large sparkling slate for the day.
Except the bus driver thought it was to large to carry on the bus.

 This big guy was carefully looking for a speck of gold,
only to be disappointed....

This one can drop off at a hat's wink anytime.
Ah...the pleasures.

In order to reach the mine, one needs to be prepared to climb over 600 steps,
first down and then back up again.

Yes, there were anxious moments as they carefully maneuvered each step.
I'm not sure who was more anxious, as they stepped into large cold caves.

 On the way back up...
I thought that I would need help dragging them up those stairs.
This little fellow was one inspirational ball of energy.
He said, "Oma, just do a few push ups in between, and that gives you more energy."
"That's what my Teakwondo Teacher says."
I thought if he only knew my reference of the word Push Up!
As you can see, they raced up those steps, taking no time at all.
And I slowly came from behind.

As you can tell, I love hanging out with these guys...


  1. Wow, that looks like some climb! I think I would need a push up them. Although it all looks interesting, my fear of heights would not do well on that excursion! Dairymary

  2. That adventure looks like a great workout for sure. Hope you had the right push up on! LOL!

  3. Oh that's so cute "just do push-ups". Say, I should try that!! Marg, I can sure tell that you LOVE hanging out with your little cuties....

  4. You seem to have fun times with your grands. I'm sure they love every minute of time spent exploring with you!

  5. You find the most interesting things to do together.

  6. I'm smiling! Are you finding lots of energy these days? Try doing a few push-ups...and planks:)

  7. Oh, that's funny. Push up give more energy?
    So great to see you enjoy time together.
    May God give you many more years of this kind of energy.

  8. What would life be with out these two darlins. They bring such vigor and life into yours. Can't wait for some or our own :)


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