Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's Worth the Wait!

The little one peers silently through the oven glass,waiting.

While I'm finding kodak moments too fleeting and brilliant to capture.

 Inhale, exhale, what a breath of fresh air.

Live the season as you step inside.

Limitless supply of good times welcome us outdoors.
Seize the moments.
Waiting to dip into a late summer coffee outside...
With a fresh slab of pie by the yard,
made from the hands of all of us, 
waiting to be tested and tried.


  1. Your autumn photos are so beautiful. You must live in a magic little corner of the universe.

  2. This is why I love autumn above all the seasons!

  3. Little moments that are captured like these are able to be savored again and again. Are we not blessed to have not just grey matter for memory storage?

  4. I want to test and try that! Beautiful Autumn shots in the yard, Marg!

  5. I should say "it's worth the wait"!!! Beautiful autumn pictures Marg! Have a wonderful first weekend of November....

  6. What a great post Marg. You really have me wanting to be there enjoying the day and the Pie by the Yard with you.

  7. Pie baguette. Great idea!

  8. I like that...pie baguette! Glad I showed up at the right moment...anbd had a chance to sample:) Seize the day, Marg...whenever you can...cuz' life slips away just like hourglass sand. (Those are lyrics from a song I quite like.)

  9. Autumn leaves....gorgeous! A peek into the oven and the end result.....loooooove Pie by the Yard.


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