Thursday, November 29, 2012

Just Like My Mom!

Have you ever had this conversation with your family or friends 
where you talk about how your mother used to do things?

The other day when I was with Elsie, my SIL, she was asking me how I cooked my beets?
I replied.
"Dig them,
Wash them,
Leave the peel on,
and a two inch stem.
Cut the tops off at about two inches,
boil them for 10-15 minutes. 
Just like Mom"

She responded...that's exactly what my mom did.


Then when I was chatting to my sister about canning tomatoes, without question she responded...
"I can tomatoes Just like MOM!"

So then she asked, How do you freeze your apples?
"I peel them,
core them,
and dip them in salt water,
Just like Mom!"


We went out with some friends the other night to the ABC Restaurant in Abbotsford.
I kept peering at this family recognizing the children from my Sunday School Days.
I finally had the courage to step up and introduce myself.
Oh, did we have a good laugh as we acquainted ourselves.
He then responded,
"You talk 'Just like your Mom,' with hands flying all over the place."

We all know that somewhere, we have all vowed,
"We would do things differently!"
And yet, everytime I hear myself saying those words,
I sort of smile, thinking.
I am her daughter....she shared her life with me.
I now have the privilege of reading her journals....
and guess what?  I too am journaling..
"Just like MOM"

It's been twelve years that my mother has left us, all to early.
She was only seventy five.

I salute her every I walk past her photo,
and I thank her for the rich heritage that she so freely shared with me.

 I feel like she has missed out on so many milestones in my life.
Many times, I've said, Where is Mom?
But I realize that God  left me a special gift as a special reminder.

This little fellow was born on the same date, as her Celebration Day of Life. Nov. 27, 2008
What a gift...
He was over last week and wanted to make popcorn.
So I showed him how.
He thought it came ready prepared in a plastic bag from Safeway!

So we started from scratch.
I hauled out the old air popcorn maker.

 And the surprised look on his face as he watched it pop
and drop all over the place.

And we topped it off with just a bit of melted butter and salt.

 And he had his supper as he watched his favorite TV show.
I know it's no different than what my mom would of done.

Thank you Mom, once again for everything you gave to me.
And I love this special package...
 We will celebrate his birthday this weekend and I'll make sure
there are plenty of goodies and nibbles,

"Just like my MOM!"

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bye for Now!

The last few months have seen me clicking away at my keyboard,
completing deadlines for our newly published cookbook called,
"Mennonite Girls Can Cook and Celebrate"
coming soon, May 2013.
Meanwhile, I received a text from a friend,
"I've reserved you some beach chairs"
That's the motivation I needed to spur me on to my deadlines.

Here we are, enjoying the morning rays of a breath taking sunrise,
standing at the ocean shore, feeling the thundering breakers roar.
and sailing through an open sea.

The weather report, minute by minute.

No more more more retakes.

Just relaxing, tasting, and taking it all in.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Just Do Push Ups!

I've enjoyed looking back through the photos of a busy summer season.
One of our adventures took us to Osoyoos. 
On the way we stopped at the Mascot Mines in Hedley,
giving the boys an opportunity to explore a real authentic mine.
The bus ride up to the mine took two hours.
which climbed 3000 feet above the valley floor,
offering some of the most stunning vistas in the Similkameen Valley,
working it's way to the Mascot Gold Mine era.

Our boys have been very building navigating their way through an
 educational game, called Minecraft which invites the children into a world of
exploring the earth's resources, harvesting crops and constructing buildings.
It's using your mind to imagine anything you want.

This little fellow found his large sparkling slate for the day.
Except the bus driver thought it was to large to carry on the bus.

 This big guy was carefully looking for a speck of gold,
only to be disappointed....

This one can drop off at a hat's wink anytime.
Ah...the pleasures.

In order to reach the mine, one needs to be prepared to climb over 600 steps,
first down and then back up again.

Yes, there were anxious moments as they carefully maneuvered each step.
I'm not sure who was more anxious, as they stepped into large cold caves.

 On the way back up...
I thought that I would need help dragging them up those stairs.
This little fellow was one inspirational ball of energy.
He said, "Oma, just do a few push ups in between, and that gives you more energy."
"That's what my Teakwondo Teacher says."
I thought if he only knew my reference of the word Push Up!
As you can see, they raced up those steps, taking no time at all.
And I slowly came from behind.

As you can tell, I love hanging out with these guys...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's Worth the Wait!

The little one peers silently through the oven glass,waiting.

While I'm finding kodak moments too fleeting and brilliant to capture.

 Inhale, exhale, what a breath of fresh air.

Live the season as you step inside.

Limitless supply of good times welcome us outdoors.
Seize the moments.
Waiting to dip into a late summer coffee outside...
With a fresh slab of pie by the yard,
made from the hands of all of us, 
waiting to be tested and tried.