Monday, October 1, 2012

Sisterhood ~ Part Two

The 'Stagette' is a tradition where the gals get together and half a girls night only,
usually a week prior to the wedding.
I hosted a luncheon and spa appointment at the Harrison, one day prior to the stag.

The Bride found her lounge....and requested food and drink.

The attendants were fanning the Bride...trying to keep things cool.
You never know what those two are up to.....the ones fanning.

Before long, the Maid of Honor is walking down a boat ramp.

The Bride... follows and trips....laughter can be heard from all over the wharf.

Did the Bride know that she was going sailing, or she thought she was?

Brandi chose to be the 'Skipper' for the day!
Brandi is known for planning events filled with unexpected surprises.

Meanwhile at home...these two attendants kept planning the Stagette.
They found an old wedding gown...made to measure.

They packed it in a vintage style suitcase...and they all jumped aboard the pickup.
The half ton was packed to the brim...all this for one night?

They are off to have fun...Next stop...Pick up the Bride.

The Bride looks in shock and is totally stunned.

She's off to Manning Park to go fishing, her favorite camping spot.
She made heads turn when she was young,
 and today...she was making headlines again!

So where is the 'sista' when the Bride needs some help?

"I think the 'sista' did not measure correctly."

She parades down the board walk....
escorted from the front and back.

She's going fishing...Never mind!

"I think I got one"

The other 'sista' is waiting for the timed moment.....

"Disembark from your canoes!"
"Follow Me!"

The Bride has no Choice...
And she leaps...and she survives.

Now the Bride turns around and commands her attendants to jump.

They leap...they survive!

Meanwhile back at the campsite...
I was preparing the Bride's favorite menu for fine dining in the park,
as the Father of the Bride was preparing a crackling fire. 

The girls arrived...soaking wet and cold,
changed quickly into their formal evening wear...
and enjoyed the rest of the evening...while we sped away.
I can hear the Bride saying.....
"Wait till it's the younger 'sista's turn'"


  1. Oh my! That looks like a day of fun and laughter for sure. What a hoot! Watch out little sista!

  2. Ohhh .. only because I know YOU can I imagine that day !
    I smiled all the way through your post!
    My fav picture ? the one of the 'bride' needing the outhouse at Manning! smile

  3. Too fun...all around! I'm sure payback time will come for 'little sista'.

  4. oh my, what a bunch of crazy girls : ) I shuddered at the picture of the bride jumping into the water because recently there was an incident in eastern Canada where a woman was being photographed in her wedding dress in a river, she got in too deep, the dress weighed her down and she drowned. I'm glad your bride leaped and survived. Phew!

  5. I was thinking the same as Elsie. Crazy girls ... who know how to have fun and survive it! =)

  6. What an absolute hoot!!!! Amazing fun loving sistas!!! Now that's what I call "rocking" the dresses. Too funny and very creative I must say.

  7. That was a very unique stagette! I loved it - and thanks for sharing the fun!

  8. Looks wonderful! I'll bet they all had a wonderful time! Memories none of them will ever forget.... Hugs, xoxox

  9. YOu do know how to have unconventional fun! I love the well fitting bridal dress and the fishing gear together! Ha ha!

  10. I will go fishing with this gang any time!!!


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