Thursday, October 11, 2012

Celebrations Continue!

Our Thanksgiving weekend was celebrated out doors.
The warmth of the weekend...encouraged us to hike, fish, cycle and EAT.

I'm thankful as I watch a Father walk with his young boys.
It's just like his own Father used to do.

Casting those lines and tangling them...
From the distance you could hear the words,
"OPA my line is tangled."

 Meanwhile back at the campsite, this little one is 'mining.'
He was allowed to collect all the pick axes from his Opa's shop.
Many happy hours while he dug for gold.
On the one photo he is drawing with his finger,
I asked him, "What does that mean?"
"It's OH,  for OMA!

Schmores, marshmallows, wieners and hobo dinners
were enjoyed around the campfire.

 Meanwhile Big Brother was so astonished that Opa
would let him use his axe.
The cracking of an axe was echoed through the forest.

At the home front, the turkey made it's annual walk into the deep fryer.
And everyone stood by and observed with amusement.

And look who's enjoying the pickings....
It's the only time of the year, that they are all allowed to pick....

A warm evening brought us all together for a feast outside.
Even our friend Drift made sure he had his share.

Towards evening we lit a small fire as we played,
'Guess Who?'
Each member of the family emailed me, sharing thoughts that made them thankful.
The Big Brother read them slowly as we all tried to identify who made the statement.
Little brother eagerly kept calling out,  "OPA!"
We had many good laughs around the campfire.

Who doesn't like playing with fire?
Young and old alike.
They enjoyed writing their names and became more and more creative with my camera.
At the end of the evening, I let them know that I was thankful for the 
announcement of our new cookbook, called 'Celebrations.'
It's been a busy time planning and working out the details,
but at last we are about to share the good news with everyone.
Coming soon to a location near you!
MAY 2013!

Join with me as we share nuggets about Life's Celebration.

"Gather 'round and celebrate the joy that has been given.
A gift of love - of flesh and blood. A tiny bit of heaven.

See the wonder of it all, and marvel at the sight,

Share the happiness we know, celebrate the life.

Make memories of the times to come, of hours and days and years.

Mark down each step, each task, each word - the laughter and the tears.

For a celebration of life is such, that one must never be

In too big a hurry to stop and smell... to feel... to touch... to see.

Yes, gather 'round and celebrate the life that has been given,

A gift of love - of hope eternal. Our tiny bit of heaven."


  1. Aww Marg - such a wonderful day spent, celebrating with family!! I love your poem! Can't wait to own a copy of your new book - so awesome!!!!

  2. What a wonderful recap of your Thanksgiving celebrations and lovely way to introduce our new book! Love the fire writing!

  3. Writing with fire...a new art. Love it! I think you had a fun and memorable Thanksgiving 2012.

  4. What an incredible day to give thanks and enjoy what you love... kids and the outdoors!

  5. You keep on celebrating.....and now with fire! Loved the shots of your guys fishing and just hanging out together. With all the frills and lace and girlie things from the wedding a bit of fishing and fire were probably celebrated well by the men folk.

  6. Such a happy time!! What sweet memories you're making for those little boys! Congratulations on the new cookbook - I'm looking forward to owning one!

  7. That looks like just the best Thanksgiving!

  8. Such fun! And what a wonderful way to create good memories and a strong sense of family. Happy Thanksgiving to you....what a year it has been!

  9. You guys know how to have fun and then some! ghost trails?...somebody is really getting to know their camera! and congrats on the new book!


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