Saturday, October 27, 2012

Just Another Day!

This week a friend called up,
"Would you like to have an adventure?"
I'm thinking, every day is an adventure for me.

"Let's hike Mt. Thom."
Why not, let's have an adventure...and as we rounded yet another corner,
 I'm yelling, "Stop, STOP!"
Standing an awe of the natural beauty in my back yard.

The handiwork of God being displayed in it's vibrant colors.

From harvest gold to autumn red.
The skies proclaim the work of his hands.

Yet another curve, another color.

In the far distance, we could see the fresh snow on Cheam's backside.

I would not want to miss this adventure for anything.

How can one say there is no God?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Savoring Moments!

I love to savor life's moments with this little one.
These days don't last long enough for me.

Picking up the leaves, making piles...Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!

Tumbling through the rustling leaves with laughter echoing behind.
The cool brisk autumn days are calling us to play outside.

The warmth of the fireplace can be felt as he sits down and plays with his Lego blocks.
I think he loves patterns and numbers.

"Oma... Can we make apple pie?"
"You peel the apples, and I'll make the pie."

He thrust every effort into peeling the apples.

He knew where to get more...
While he was busy peeling...I was busy making perishky.

 His eyes were peeled on the timer, and beaming, and counting minutes and seconds,
just waiting for the end result.

Find those little hands and savor a moment.
How long can I hold onto it?

Artists and photographers are taught to observe the world through
they eyes of a child.
"Every child is an artist," said Pablo Picasso.
"The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Celebrations Continue!

Our Thanksgiving weekend was celebrated out doors.
The warmth of the weekend...encouraged us to hike, fish, cycle and EAT.

I'm thankful as I watch a Father walk with his young boys.
It's just like his own Father used to do.

Casting those lines and tangling them...
From the distance you could hear the words,
"OPA my line is tangled."

 Meanwhile back at the campsite, this little one is 'mining.'
He was allowed to collect all the pick axes from his Opa's shop.
Many happy hours while he dug for gold.
On the one photo he is drawing with his finger,
I asked him, "What does that mean?"
"It's OH,  for OMA!

Schmores, marshmallows, wieners and hobo dinners
were enjoyed around the campfire.

 Meanwhile Big Brother was so astonished that Opa
would let him use his axe.
The cracking of an axe was echoed through the forest.

At the home front, the turkey made it's annual walk into the deep fryer.
And everyone stood by and observed with amusement.

And look who's enjoying the pickings....
It's the only time of the year, that they are all allowed to pick....

A warm evening brought us all together for a feast outside.
Even our friend Drift made sure he had his share.

Towards evening we lit a small fire as we played,
'Guess Who?'
Each member of the family emailed me, sharing thoughts that made them thankful.
The Big Brother read them slowly as we all tried to identify who made the statement.
Little brother eagerly kept calling out,  "OPA!"
We had many good laughs around the campfire.

Who doesn't like playing with fire?
Young and old alike.
They enjoyed writing their names and became more and more creative with my camera.
At the end of the evening, I let them know that I was thankful for the 
announcement of our new cookbook, called 'Celebrations.'
It's been a busy time planning and working out the details,
but at last we are about to share the good news with everyone.
Coming soon to a location near you!
MAY 2013!

Join with me as we share nuggets about Life's Celebration.

"Gather 'round and celebrate the joy that has been given.
A gift of love - of flesh and blood. A tiny bit of heaven.

See the wonder of it all, and marvel at the sight,

Share the happiness we know, celebrate the life.

Make memories of the times to come, of hours and days and years.

Mark down each step, each task, each word - the laughter and the tears.

For a celebration of life is such, that one must never be

In too big a hurry to stop and smell... to feel... to touch... to see.

Yes, gather 'round and celebrate the life that has been given,

A gift of love - of hope eternal. Our tiny bit of heaven."

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thanksgiving Praise!

 The final days of  harvesting are over.
The corn season is officially over as of this morning.

 I've yearned to watch the sun casts it's long evening shadows.

I've enjoyed some long summer evenings with candle lit dinners.

This Fall I asked God for a favor.
I needed some quiet time...
Walking and cycling have given me the opportunities to enjoy creation.
Reading has allowed me to reflect and to ponder.
God knew exactly what I needed.
I am reminded that many times we seek to fulfill
 our need for an experience of abundance from the outside.
We look around us; 
or beside us and rarely ever inside us to find what we're looking for.

 Rarely do we move into those still silent places inside of us and ask;
what do I really want?
I've been able to sit and watch a sunset more than once this fall.
I'm thankful for his presence in my life.

"You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart"
Jeremiah 29:13

Thursday, October 4, 2012


All good things come to an end....
but just wait before I conclude this wedding series..Check this out!
Do you see that little fellow just enjoying snooping and checking things out?
That's what I love about weddings...
The Children!

Here's more little ones...just having so much fun,
while the adults are visiting.
But have you noticed?
There's not one little girl.

Oh, and when they got tired, they found their Mommy's  Oma's  iPad's.
I can guarantee you that these kids were quiet.

This is one of my favorites.
Suits, Grass, Barefoot and iPads!

Christopher's family has charisma that's contagious.
They delivered a comical poem about Christopher.

They  knew how to have fun and they knew how to party!

And the final benedication was given by Opa! (100 years old)
It was moving and touching to see him edge his way through the crowds,
and come give the prayer of blessing and benediction.

"The LORD Bless you and keep you;
the LORD make His face shine upon you 
and be gracious to you;
The LORD turn His face toward you and give you peace."
Numbers 6:24-26.

A few of those last random shots caught by others.
And they are off...
It's been just over one month...
And it's been a been fun watching them enjoy each other.
This will close this final chapter of our wedding series.
Thank you for allowing me to journal my thoughts and memories.

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Sisterhood ~ Part Two

The 'Stagette' is a tradition where the gals get together and half a girls night only,
usually a week prior to the wedding.
I hosted a luncheon and spa appointment at the Harrison, one day prior to the stag.

The Bride found her lounge....and requested food and drink.

The attendants were fanning the Bride...trying to keep things cool.
You never know what those two are up to.....the ones fanning.

Before long, the Maid of Honor is walking down a boat ramp.

The Bride... follows and trips....laughter can be heard from all over the wharf.

Did the Bride know that she was going sailing, or she thought she was?

Brandi chose to be the 'Skipper' for the day!
Brandi is known for planning events filled with unexpected surprises.

Meanwhile at home...these two attendants kept planning the Stagette.
They found an old wedding gown...made to measure.

They packed it in a vintage style suitcase...and they all jumped aboard the pickup.
The half ton was packed to the brim...all this for one night?

They are off to have fun...Next stop...Pick up the Bride.

The Bride looks in shock and is totally stunned.

She's off to Manning Park to go fishing, her favorite camping spot.
She made heads turn when she was young,
 and today...she was making headlines again!

So where is the 'sista' when the Bride needs some help?

"I think the 'sista' did not measure correctly."

She parades down the board walk....
escorted from the front and back.

She's going fishing...Never mind!

"I think I got one"

The other 'sista' is waiting for the timed moment.....

"Disembark from your canoes!"
"Follow Me!"

The Bride has no Choice...
And she leaps...and she survives.

Now the Bride turns around and commands her attendants to jump.

They leap...they survive!

Meanwhile back at the campsite...
I was preparing the Bride's favorite menu for fine dining in the park,
as the Father of the Bride was preparing a crackling fire. 

The girls arrived...soaking wet and cold,
changed quickly into their formal evening wear...
and enjoyed the rest of the evening...while we sped away.
I can hear the Bride saying.....
"Wait till it's the younger 'sista's turn'"