Monday, September 24, 2012

Wedding Preparations!

It did not take long once the couple had selected the wedding date,
to begin planning and thinking about all the details.
You've seen photos of the venue and event...
but let me give you a glimpse from behind the scenes.
There was never a dull moment.
They created a spreadsheet and from there we planned.
I needed to update myself with Google Docs and Google Plus!
Now it was simple for me to know what page they were on.
They had highlighted the websites and all I had to do was 

"Let's make bees wax candles." they said.
I was on over load...
But before long, the groom and bride had it all organized.

We ran to town and picked up the necessities,
and before long we had made 150 candles.
CHECK, candles are finished.

It was my job to sew 80 linen bags for coffee favors.
"Me, sew?"
I could only remember what my teacher Nora Martens,
had taught me in Home Economics, years ago at MEI.

They roasted the coffee and I counted and sewed.

The little sacks were carefully filled and tied with raffia. 
Meanwhile we all made good use of our time by watching the Olympic Soccer games.

Don't they look just perfect?
I was taught to wash the fabric, and cut on the selvedge.
I was taught to hem all those edges...but not for this occasion.
CHECK, the favors are completed.

Meanwhile I had been busy planting sunflowers in the garden.
That is just what they wanted...and why not? are planted.
Them came the day...
for wine tasting and paring of the wines.

It was enjoyable sitting on the patio,
sipping on wine with selected  cheese and crackers.
It had to be just perfect.
CHECK, the wine has been chosen.

Discussion of the wedding cake was short.
No traditional cake for this couple.
They wanted my famous signature hazelnut roll.
And the baking began.
CHECK, the cakes are completed.

 The flowers were chosen and arranged.
And they look beautiful.

And the table centers looked 
'just perfect'
It had all come together.

Let's check out the 'perfect sisters' next.


  1. Oh boy - I can relate to this post!!! You are so funny - I love your comments about remembering how you learned to sew. We didn't even sew a thing on the burlap - just cut and left the raw edges be for our wedding tables. I love every one of your details - bees wax candles, the cute little coffee bean sacks, your amazing hazelnut rolls, and oh those beautiful sunflowers. You did a super job - it looked gorgeous!

  2. Hi Marg - time to catch up! What a great post this was. Those wedding preparation memories are among the best, I think. The tables looked beautiful!

  3. I looks like you were busy, but the end results were very nice. Can't wait to see more.

  4. Wow Marg! I didn't realize you made your own candles for the event! You rock!!

  5. guys went all out! How fun for us to now see the work that went into those beautiful centre pieces and other details of that wonderful day. I'm just smiling! I love how you all made this such a special time ...doing it together.

  6. I really enjoyed peeking in on what went on behind the scenes! All the decorations fit together so well, and I love the "perfect blend" tag on the coffee bags. Your hazelnut roll has been a hit around our house too.....I've made it 4 times since I got the cookbook : )

  7. Hazelnut rolls, Yummy! I love the flower arrangements. So pretty. And what a great idea with the favors. Perfect!

  8. I love the candles and the coffee favors! The fact that you made them all yourselves is special!

  9. You make the 'prep parties' look almost as much fun as the wedding! And I know the wedding was a lot of fun!

  10. what lovely details - it reminds me of my son's wedding last summer. So much work but all lovingly planned. I love the coffee favour idea. I'll tuck that one away for future reference!


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