Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Sisterhood!

Saturday morning coffee adds jitters to the day.
It's time to get ready and head out the door to the salons.
You need to understand, these are unusual events...for these girls.
Being pampered in this way was a real treat for all of us.
Mikki and Brandi are discussing strategies, trying to keep the Bride calm.

Thank you Sonia for giving careful attention to details for all of us that day.

Between putting fires out, cousin Brandi also  played a significant role as 'Paparazzi'.

What would Katrina do with Mikki's long hair? 
There she is...a strand to the right followed by a few rolls.

 Check out this double braid.
Just a beautiful, elegant relaxed look.

Brunch was served Birdies Bakery.
Mini croissants, mini quiche tarts.
What brunch would not be complete without
chocolate dipped strawberries and champagne.

She's even tackling a pedicure.
Notice the perfectly straight partition in her hair.

Now comes the Bride, wearing an unusual sweep, with curls to the side.

"Take a deep breath, Suzanne!"
We heard a loud sigh...oh no...Brandi...Is this called an anxiety attack?
You could of heard a pin was quiet.

We shifted the little 'Fascinator Hat' this way and that...
This little head piece was not cooperating.

Sister checked the angle to the left.

 Then to the right....

I'm not sure, how about this way?
Pin it this way...pins here and everywhere

She's home...she's smiling, she doesn't know what to think....

Checking, prepping,  making sure it sits just perfect.

Gazing out the window...watching the guests arrive.
Stay calm.
Take another deep breath.
You'll make it.
This long awaited day has arrived.
Then came the final moment of walking down the spiral stair case,
meeting her Father....watching the tears,
watching the final embrace.

And at the end of the day....we have two happy sisters.
The Maid of Honor and...
The Bride!
Perfect Smiles add to a Perfect Day.

I wonder what the next part of Sisterhood unfolds.


  1. I love the step by step documentation of the wedding. Your daughters will have good memories of the sisterhood.

  2. I love seeing these sisters in all their beauty and relationship! What a beautiful way to document the wedding day pampering Marg.

  3. That is so fabulous Marg! Love all the sister shots. Their hair was so pretty for the special day!

  4. Beautiful hair...for both of them! And what a fun way to count-down to the hour...spending time with ones sister...and being pampered.

  5. This was such a sweet way to highlight the big day. The special bond with a sister, on a very special day just shines.

  6. Oh Marg - what a great post!!! The "sistas" are both so beautiful and the bride looked stunning. Loved the dress and the braided updos!!! I can just imagine the special moment when she descended down the spiral staircase - wow! What a great insight into the morning of that special day.

  7. What fun to watch this all come together. Both girls are beautiful. Love their hair!

  8. Beautiful documenting of sisters on a special day and boy do I love the hairstyles.
    Modern French veiling is tough to position as it doesn't drape naturally; the vintage silk veils were much easier and softer on the face. When I have made bridal pieces I get really worried that the veil will not lay right and will bug the bride all day!

  9. What a special time for sisters and cousins. Their hair is beautiful and I'm quite jealous. =)

  10. How lovely! Both "hairdos" are beautiful.

  11. What a gifted hair sylist - I love the "Do's" - both girls look stunning.
    And I absolutely love the fascinator veil - perfect for your daughter.

  12. Being a girl is so much fun! I sure have enjoyed how you have documented all these details for us to see and for you three to enjoy in years to come. Such a lovely bride, and sister of the bride.

  13. Sweet sisters!!What wonderful memories of a beautiful day!!

  14. Perfect! I love perfectly captured memories to last a lifetime.


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