Monday, September 10, 2012

The Big Day!

Do we really need a rehearsal?
Well, it would only be good practice for the little ring bearers.

So our wonderful wedding event coordinator, Brandi directed the show.

Oh, it looks like one ring bearer decided to drop out...
but Silas was up to the job.
We knew we could count on him.
Let's see!

The string quartet started played a variety of various compositions.

And the procession began.
"And why is the maid of Honor smiling?"
"Why is she taking Drift for a walk?"
I think somethings going wrong....

"Mom, can you and Dad both walk me down the aisle?"
What an honor to share this moment with my daughter.
"But where are the ring bearers?"
"They need to go first."
My daughter looked at me and said.
"We gotta go...!"
And the notes of the Butterfly Waltz aired through the yard,
 as she casually strolled down the aisle.

There smiles were radiant...and the Groom's eyes twinkled as he watch His Bride.
No, he had not seen the dress...
this magical moment of a princess, indeed.

Pastor Jim, officiated the event.
The Wedding Sermon...The Chapter of Love, 1 Corinthians 13
The Pronouncement ~ Declaration of Marriage. 
Exchange of Vows.
Exchange of Rings.

The Signing of the Register.

Introduction of the Newly Weds

And Drift watched on and barked cheered as the couple walked out.
How many fittings did Drift need for his custom made suit?
Oh by the way, the ring bearers decided to sit with their parents.
So the less than 'perfect wedding' continued.
(just this last week, Silas met Brandi again and asked her when he was going to bring the dog to the wedding?)
I love those little ring bearers.

The reception and ceremony were enjoyed by all.
The evening lights cascaded over the guests,
as they enjoyed the warm summer breezes, in to the late evening hours.
Laughter and chatter commenced from all corners.

The real test was yet to come.
"Can you ride this tandem bike the Harrison?"
One last photo opportunity before the newly weds waved good bye.

We'll come back next time and revisit the reception.


  1. Great photos and story, Marg,on what was, I'm sure, a great day! A bicycle built for two, how fitting. Dairymary

  2. It looked like a wonderful event and I'm sure you enjoyed every minute of it. The bride looked so pretty and the setting was beautiful. I must admit, I've never seen such a distinguished looking dog, too! Good memories!

  3. Gotta love those little unpredictable ring bearers! I would have thought that the dog would be a risk, but no, he wore his cute custom made suit and performed his duties perfectly. The best thing is that no one in the audience would have known that anything was any different than planned, and it was a beautiful ceremony after all!

  4. Oh I so enjoyed your post on the wedding. I love that doggie tuxedo...what a hoot. I love how straight he is he knows he is fancy. Our tandem never looked so beautiful.

  5. That doggie tuxedo is a hoot and what a great pose for the photo! Love the glowing faces of everyone.

  6. A beautiful couple and a handsome dog! So happy for you all and for this special day. May God's blessing rest on them.

  7. What a great re-cap of a most special day! Though the ring-bearers opted out of the spotlight...the handsome dog relished in it...and barked on cue. It was a fun wedding.

  8. So beautiful. I love how your family has such fun together. What a memorable day! May the Lord bless and keep them. Congratulations! What a beautiful wonder the groom had such a smile....he loves that girl of his!

  9. Oh happy day!!! Many blessings on the beautiful bride and her handsome groom. The setting is breathtakingly beautiful!!! Love Drift in his handsome tux - so cute. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all......that's what it's all about - celebration and fellowship with family and friends!!!


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