Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Saturday Morning!

We've all been waiting for this day, Aug 18th , 2012.
The Wedding Date of Suzanne and Christopher.

Having the tents set up on Thursday, made our prep time so enjoyable.
We were seizing the moments daily.

Early Saturday morning, while the tables were being set and flowers arranged,

JB was busy making one last swath with his best friend, JD!
After all JD...had been cutting lawns daily for the last week.
The two had found a loyal companionship over the months.
JB was just tweaking that last minute swath, making sure the bride's entry would be perfect.

Up and down...there was no room for error today.
No messing around with his chairs...They were perfectly set up,
aligned with the sun's rotation cycle.
 The sun flowers had been placed on my kitchen table, waiting to become the center pieces.
 The arbor was carefully erected as a labor of love,
draped with bouquets of mixed greens and flowers.
While JB was checking last minute details,
I was taking last minute photos from various angles.
The Backside View!
The Roadside View!

 Front Yard View!
My Bedroom View!

The  official flag was hoisted.
 Signage was posted.

Over the next few weeks, I will be  documenting this milestone...
taking my time to recapture and reflect the moments of a lifetime.
  Walk with me as I carefully take you through the steps of preparing
'The perfect Wedding of 2012!'


  1. I'm smiling...as I remember. A beautiful wedding...down to the smallest detail!

  2. Marg.. these photos are so beautiful! I love the view from your bedroom window... chairs so perfectly aligned. May the One who aligned Suzanne and Christopher's lives to come together on this day continue to guide them daily.

  3. Love all the different angles. Isn't it fabulous that it can be documented here, too! Love all the details that were thought out so well...

  4. Everything looks stunningly beautiful......the lovely flowers, the perfectly placed chairs, the creative flag, the manicured lawn, the spectacular views and ideal weather conditions......gorgeous!!

  5. How nice to be able to reflect back on the wedding by sharing it with your blog friends. I found it so satisfying to share after each of our kids wedding. A mother of the bride/groom's prerogative.
    I'm not sure why you crossed out the "perfect" in your last sentence. It surely was perfect for all involved. I also loved being included in the final event that weekend. It was wonderful to hear how it all went first hand.

  6. Oh Marg - it did look absolutely perfect!!! Your place looked wonderful and I am looking forward to more posts as I prepare for such a special event in just 11 days!!! I agree with Anneliese about God's hand in the alignment of these precious children. A dear friend reminded me today to hum and breath as I run around doing all the little details over the next days. It was such a wonderful reminder of my own mother who hummed while she worked. "Stay calm and Carry On" is my motto these days. Blessings to you as you reflect on this wedding day!

  7. I look forward to seeing the rest of the story....Everything looked beautiful. I love sunflowers and the white linens looked so fresh and pretty. Perfect time of year for a wedding.

  8. That looks amazingly perfect! What memories for the books! God's blessings on the young couple and His wonderful love for the two families that are now joined!

  9. I had a great time Marg and John......it was a beautiful wedding and day, both of you are 2 of the most special people I know......I love you......

    Carol Popove

    1. Carol, Ah....thanks for that comment...you've always had a special place in our hearts. I'm so glad that we get to check in on each other occasionally.

  10. Oh wow! It looks simply gorgeous! can hardly wait to hear about all the details. Glad you're back Marg!

  11. Oh this series of posts will be such fun!

  12. I can hardly wait to see more! It already looks like it was a gooooooorgeous wedding! congrats to the newlyweds!

  13. How exciting! Everything looks so beautiful and it looks like you had the perfect day. Can hardly wait to see the bride!


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