Monday, September 3, 2012

I'm Back!

It's Fall Time.
The air has changed.
School starts tomorrow.
I said I'd come back to post and here I am.
I need to give blogger a test run...
Last week, I dropped in at a flea market....
and look what I found.
I remember this from years ago, as I helped my mom stack the canner.
I was ready to pack it home, but not for $50 bucks.

This brought back many memories.
Do any of you remember this canner?


  1. So glad you're back my dear Marg!!! I shouldn't even be on the computer these days (12 days and counting), but I just had to send you a comment. You've been missed. I do remember that canner though my mom didn't use it anymore when I came along. I have a repro brass one that we keep firewood in by the fireplace. Too bad it was priced so high!

  2. Welcome back Marg! 50 bucks!! ouch. I'll keep my eye out for a cheaper one!

  3. Oh my.... do I remember?! But at our house we called it a boiler. Before we had "running water", my mother used it twice weekly to heat water for doing laundry and bathing. Although she did also use it for canning... and we'd fill it when picking peas. I must inquire who in our family has must be somewhere... I hope!

  4. I'm lucky to have 2 of these old copper boilers or canners - one galvanized and one copper. They are definitely in better shape than the one you saw. That one was very overpriced in my opinion. I use them for cooling drinks when we have a party or for fall or winter decorating. They bring back warm memories of my Omas.

  5. Welcome back! I hope to hear a recap of your busy summer. It is sill hard to realize that summer is nearly gone.

  6. Glad you're've had a busy summer. Many memories to cherish.

  7. You're back. I'm home. Yay! I remember the canner well. $50??? Hmmm.


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