Thursday, September 6, 2012

Finding the Perfect Dress!

 Now came the challenge to find the perfect dress.
After the announcement of the engagement,
I hung my Mother's dress and veil, hand made by her own Mother.
This dress hung in the hallway...and was visited by many.
It was known as the Dress of Commitment.

I loved the hand made beaded vintage looking veil that my Mother wore.
Would she choose to wear the same veil?

Shopping and discussing styles and suitability became our goal.
We enjoyed out shopping times together. 

Would it be frilly?
Would it be a dress filled with bling?

 Would it be practical?
 Would it be flattering and slimming?

Would it have a bustle?
I learned the definition of a bustle.
Her smile reveals her thoughts.

Was this the dress?
We were driving home from New West, and she says.
 Do you have your credit card handy?
She knew where to go....
Her heart and mind was made up quickly.
She saw exactly what would work for her
and knew that HE would love it.
And it would be ordered on TIME!
 It hung in our closet for weeks.
It was fun peaking at it and dreaming about the big day.

 We tried on many different veils, head pieces and Fascinator Hats.
What would she prefer?

Now, what would the Mother of the Bride wear?
Keep it simple and traditional.
It should have sleeves for the ceremony, don't you think?

 She found what she liked..
Simple, basic, stylish and practical.
"Mom, if you like it...get it...I want you go feel good in it."
 And just the perfect little jacket to cover those arms for the ceremony.

Now it was about the Maid of Honor, Mikki...
She thought she had the perfect dress in her closet.
But, we thought...maybe we could find something more suitable.
We shopped till we dropped.
 There it was....At THE BAY!
Size 14, no problem...we could find a seamstress and have it tailored to fit.

So the shopping was completed for the dresses.
All within budget.

I think now it's time you see them modeled and see the real wedding party.


  1. Beautiful...the dresses and the girls that wore them! (And the header.)

  2. The dresses look lovely. I think shopping and the anticipation of wearing the dresses are half the fun. We are all anxious to see everyone dressed for the day. Thanks for sharing this timeless and beautiful moment with your readers. xoxo

  3. So much fun! The past to the present! Love it.

  4. Fun! and way to go for keeping withing budget!

  5. I love this post Marg. It is such a blessing to be able to shop with your daughters like this. I love all those dresses that were chosen!

  6. This was just such a fun post....and the fun was there with you 3 as you traveled around the shops. I can imagine!

  7. Great post Marg - it's obvious you all had fun finding the perfect dress(es) for the wedding. I think this wedding was not just about one day but was a whole string of memorable events.


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